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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 27 - 29
~ A Difficult but Blessed Time

Truly I couldn't think of ONE positive thing to say for two weeks... because there was sickness, then physical pain, insane holiday (affording) stress and I felt like I was going to absolutely crack under the pressure. I am INCREDIBLY grateful to say that God really came through for us from absolutely all angles. I was (and am) still deeply humbled and grateful. I went from not being able to buy one present for the kids to being able to buy a few presents for them and even those I needed to (extended family). SO grateful. But it was really tough to face the holidays with so little before it all came together. And it was by choice as we had to pay off some other things and they took precedence over presents and it was right - but whew... I really hope that's one of the last (if not the last) holiday that feels like that... it was not fun for a while.

Thankfully I have had some major growth spurts with the baby, which is awesome, but soooooo uncomfortable where I felt like I was going out of my mind. A few nights when I literally tossed and turned the entire night; I just growled with frustration! I know my body has to adjust, but goodness... with such complaining about it? Silly body... I've gained 10 pounds though, total, and that is good. Baby is obviously growing and so active! I LOVE IT. Feet feet absolutely everywhere! The other day baby almost kicked my laptop off my lap and the couch! We still have absolutely no names... but not because my kiddos aren't offering multiple options every day. This poor child just isn't revealing their name... which is really different for us.

Baby's room is coming along and we got it wrapped in Tyvek house wrap and roofed, and a window purchased. My husband is really doing a great job putting it all together. It's freaking me out that we have about 10 weeks though... there's a LOT to get done in there before then.

I bought a new baby wrap this week after perusing my options during my minimal breaks at work. I'm buying something woven because of the good support it has. My back injury will thank me. I hope. I'm trying not to be sad that I won't get to use it every day for baby - but I'll do what I can when I'm on leave, and then I'll just make the best of what we can figure out. It will be so hard to go back to work. I'm afraid baby will be born and I won't have enough in order, but I'll just pray for the grace to make it all work. I blink and another week is gone - so I can't be and do all things, I suppose.

In a few weeks my kids reach their 1/2 birthdays and my second son turns 8 years old... 9.5, 8, 5.5 and 3.5 years old. Wow... my growing "babies"!! I have a lot of things I hope for this new year...

Blessings to each of you, and my apologies for being late/combining weeks.


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