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Week 30
~ Expanding and Taking it all in

This is probably my personal-favorite week to pass... it was the week my twin sister and I were born, so many years ago, and it usually starts the real third trimester for me (in how I feel). Sure enough, I feel great big now! I am feeling sensitive about my surroundings and have started to want my husband to stay nearer vs going out so often (he plays music gigs several times a week). I remember this sensitive period of time before too, and it always makes me feel a little silly, being that I'm a strong and capable woman, to feel needy... but it's just the way it goes, for me. (Course, back in the day when we lived with our extended families you'd hear empowering birth stories and internalize them... instead, now people tell you their horror or scary birth stories because you are obviously getting near the end, ugh).

Along with expanding emotionally, I am physically too... aaaaand having some issues with my wardrobe. I set out clothes and then they look totally stupid when I get ready in the morning. I swear I've been late to work more times than on time because I'm rummaging around last minute trying to find something normal-looking to put on. Oy vey. Dear maternity clothes producers - LONG, not tent-house looking clothes. And for the love of pete, waistbands that STAY UP without suspenders or constant tugging!!! I have sensory issues with clothes, but nothing is worse than maternity clothes, they drive me batty. GAP usually gets it right, but they're pretty pricey. Still, usually they fit right, for the most part. Wish I could have afforded more of their clothes, but seemed silly with only a few months to wear them...

I've started preparations (finally) for baby - I have to buy a birth tub liner, save up for my doula, get the birth-day presents for the kids (from the baby) and find my baby stuff. It's good to be getting some things checked off; I've been putting it off horribly. And shockingly, we've discussed a few names. Not even CLOSE to having something, but at least we've thrown a few back and forth. I'll say, my husband is quite particular, so he vetos most of what I suggest.

I am so thrilled it is 2012! Getting close! And I am truly, so excited. I am so looking forward to this sweet baby love... :happy sigh:


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