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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 31
~ Skiing!

31 weeksWell it has been a crazy uncomfortable, but still awesome week. This little peanut has hiccups at least 10x in a 24 hour period of time and I actually was starting to worry (don't laugh ). Turns out it's a good thing for their nervous systems; you just don't want it to last longer than 10 minutes (which it doesn't) or it can signal a cord issue. I have sort of liked some of the hiccups because I can tell baby is head down from where the hiccups are, and that's always reassuring. Baby is still posterior, but I have a feeling this baby will be really similar to Jade and I'll have to do some acupuncture in order to get baby to turn to a better birth position. So far s/he just hasn't turned around in response to my positional attempts to change how s/he is laying (even with my doula knowledge). Stinker. I don't think sitting all day at work helps much with that either though.

Julie and her boysThe biggest accomplishment this week? I cross-country skied. Yes, I did. Me and my almost 32w pregnant self in addition to my 3 big boys went cross-country skiing. I won't pretend that I was fast or that it was graceful, but for the love of my Mom (who taught me when I was 3 years old) and how much she wanted everyone up there... I took them all to their ski classes and strapped my skis on too. Literally after I fell into the van (post mitten adjustment/boot adjustment and clothing rearranging x 100 for the boys), I just laughed. I will admit the thought of "I am too pregnant for this" did go through my mind... but I have another 7 weeks of this, sooooo... I'm not done yet. I don't think I'll ski all the way to the end because in reality it was really tough to bend over and get my skis clicked and all that jazz, but I'll do it as long as I can. I was pretty proud of myself, as dorky as that sounds.

AND, we got a picture.

AND, I have a tummy picture (FINALLY). It's not great... but at least my husband took one!

Seeing as the amount of food I'm consuming in a day has tripled, I'm about to expand even more, but here's my 31w tummy (does it look like a boy or girl do you think?). And my big boys and I at the mountain!


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