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Week 33
~ And a Shock

This week was swinging along like most of them (i.e. really quickly) and though while I had normal things to talk about, the week exploded at the end, with a diagnosis of my niece having stage 3 liver cancer. What an awful, difficult week it turned out to be. I can't describe the feelings I have had since that time as my youngest niece is my littlest love, and truly cancer had not touched my life or family as closely, until this time. I have dear friends who I have walked the path with, as a supporting friend, but not as close as my own sister's family.

I have had to reassure this baby that s/he is ok, and that my sadness (and crying) was just sadness about something else, but that baby and I were ok. I laid (still lay) awake at night thinking, processing, trying to come up with ways to support my sister and her family. How to help them as they begin their journey of chemotherapy and adjust their life in the hugest way I can imagine, to make room for cancer treatment and living with that worry and process. I can't even begin to express the tumult of the last week and a half. Truly...

So my update is short, except to ask for prayers for my twin sister, and her family - in particular my niece, Olivia. She is still completing the first round of chemo treatment. Please keep them in your thoughts.


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