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Weeks 34 & 35
~ Chicken Pox for the Fam

In an effort to prevent my children from ever sharing chicken pox (which can be life threatening to a person who is immunocompromised, such as my niece who is going through chemo treatments) to my niece, EVER, I opted to expose my children to a friends' child who had chicken pox. I have first hand experience that an immunized child can still catch chicken pox (my oldest did), it was the only true way to make sure she never ever got them from us. It was a great idea in theory . . . and it did, in fact, result in two children who are forever-immune now . . . but my idea of two little kids with pox at the same time was not entirely thought out in the misery they would both be in, at the same time. Oh my goodness. And sleep disruptions are part of it, which is fine, but multiply it by two and literally it was the worst sleep I've ever had. Poor little ones were SO miserable - but they really did handle it quite well, all things considered. And I remember, myself, having it . . . it's just not fun, there's no way around that part of it - but it was worth knowing they are safe for others now. And we did share with friends who wanted them, AND I passed my public service announcement out regarding avoiding situations with children/people who may be at risk to chicken pox exposure. I will say the one good thing about a planned exposure is that you can avoid people and public places the days before the pox show and you are super contagious in particular.

So this week was about taking care of my two littlest kids and the house. I stayed home a day from work just to help because of the handful it all was. Thank goodness for a wonderful job that allows me that luxury! Truly felt blessed. Of course with the lack of sleep, increased stress and just all that, I have a pretty solid cold - but hopefully it will pass soon. One less cold baby will have, given the immunities via placenta transfer. Yay! Glass 1/2 full right?

It's been interesting, I was a doula for my good friends (whom I have worked for as a doula twice in the past) this week and it was sort of perfectly timed . . . both because now that responsibility is taken care of, for me . . . and because it REALLY hit home. With all that has been going on - from construction to my niece to my job, etc. I haven't really had time to really really absorb and process all stages of this pregnancy (which is a little bit sad for me, now). When I left that friends' birth, I kept thinking . . . "Oh my gosh . . . in a few weeks I am going to do that. She had a baby. A BABY. And now that baby is here on the outside!!!" I know that seems truly absurd that I'd think that SO late in the 'game' . . . but it just hasn't hit me hard, yet. Obviously. I don't know if it's just residual denial from the surprise that this sweet little person was . . . or just the chaos that all of life feels like it's in. Either way, I was kind of laughing at myself at how silly I sounded. But I wrote to my midwife and asked if we could have another appointment this upcoming week, and told her that I feel the NEED to focus on this baby that's coming. I HAVE to find a place of peace, place of realization and preparation. The house is an absolute bomb field with everything being 1/2 done or all everywhere. In order to paint a room and clean the carpets for my daughter to move into her new room, I've had to move all of my stuff out. But there's been no official place to put it - so suffice it to say that my basement looks like an episode of Hoarders between my office stuff and some of my husband's office stuff. Stacks were made, but STILL. : shiver : It makes my head and anxiety feel so crowded and overwhelmed. I can't WAIT for all the stuff to be put away in the right rooms!!!

I am really hoping this baby will stay put for the next several weeks and isn't born prior to his/her due date - which I know sounds totally crazy, but I just know it's going to take that long to get all this stuff even sort of completed. I have been praying baby stays put. That, my friends, is desperate pregnant woman devices.

Blessings. Until next week . . .

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