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Week 18
~ Colds and Prune Juice

This week would have flown by fairly unremarkable had it not been for a lovely little bug that everyone in my family was sharing. Each one of us had some combination of a sore throat, cough, runny nose, fever, and body aches. We quarantined (or at least tried to) my son, who seemed to have it the worst. I, myself, wound up with a headache, intermittent dry cough, and a runny nose. My symptoms lasted the greater part of one evening and night and were gone by morning. Thank goodness! Perhaps my H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines helped.

The family virus seems to have retreated in defeat. All that lingers is that intermittent dry cough in the others. I, whose immune system is the most compromised, am symptom free.

Now that my fatigue has subsided greatly and financial necessity dictates it, I am back on the local job market. I feel great pressure to find one soon while I can still see my feet. In spite of this, I do not regret our decision to return home and explore moving after the baby's birth. I have some interviews lined up and am hoping for the best.

Admittedly, I think more about our present financial situation than I do the baby right now. However, the baby's movements always bring my thoughts back around to him. They feel like popcorn gently exploding or fluttering in my uterus. I immediately lift my shirt up, but rarely see the movements as I feel them.

Earlier this week I struggled with slight heartburn and constipation. The heartburn quickly passed. However, the constipation obligated me to drink a nice lovely glass of prune juice. Not familiar with the toll it would take on my GI system, I diluted my glass heavily with ice and drank it slowly. My husband, never wanting to be left out of anything, decided that he wanted to drink it with me and made himself a biggie-sized glass and gulped it whole. Not wanting to be in the bathroom all night long, I just quickly and stoicly sipped mine until it was all gone.

Within 30 minutes he was headed towards the bathroom. Green with jealousy, I complained that it was really ME that needed to go. "Keep drinking," he says. I went on the Internet to find out average peak time and got varied responses, but generally it could take up to 24 hours to work. Feeling as though I might have to sleep all stopped up, I was all too pleasantly surprised when within an hour to an hour and a half I too was headed to the bathroom.

All of this could've been avoided if I was drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. I know all this. I am going to make an effort to eat better. I suffered from hemorrhoids in both my previous pregnancies and I want to do everything to avoid that this time. Of course constipation is usually a preceptor to hemorrhoids, so I definitely need to do better.

To pass the time I have been studying for my nursing boards and working on my Master's thesis. Both of which, I hope to complete successfully by February. I enjoy staying focused on these tasks. It keeps my mind busy, which is a good thing.

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