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Week 26
~ Just a Regular Week

Having been contraction and pain free this week has been wonderful. The most notable pregnancy-related news to report is that I have an incredibly active baby. I liken the movements to popcorn exploding inside. He moves all the time, which I tend to notice more often while I am sitting in my cubicle working, after drinking something cold (of course), and while I lay in my bed at night. Also, I could just be being silly but he seems to respond to his father's touch and voice. After Syed ceremoniously rubs my abdomen each night, he just goes away at it just kicking and squirming around. I try hard to visualize these movements (arms and legs thrashing about).

If I had the resources, I would contract a film of a day in the life of my baby; its wake, sleep, and exercise cycles over a 12-24 hour period. This would of course require that I be hooked to probing and recording devices the entire time, but the potential in depth insight would be priceless. I could see myself obligating every visitor to sit down and watch the film.

Within a couple of weeks we are going to do one of those 3-D or 4-D ultrasounds that have been advertised all over town. Admittedly, it is an unnecessary procedure. In fact, I know some midwives who do not even advocate ultrasounds period. But, I cannot help myself; I need a visual. Upon phoning, I was told that it is best to have the procedure between 26 and 31 weeks. They have two price packages, one for $50 that includes two photos and a CD. Then, there is the $100 package that includes much, much more. We are going for the former.

I am on the cusp of my third and final semester by entering my seventh month and tired of being pregnant. In my previous pregnancies, this feeling did not come until the eighth or ninth month but it looks as though I am ahead of schedule this time around.

My struggle with common pregnancy discomforts gets more interesting as the gestation advances. I seem to be okay with the constipation (not suffering), although I know that I am not drinking as much water as I should be. The expansion of my diaphragm has me constantly looking for a comfortable position and is the cause of my awkward exaggerated straight back posture. I am super slow these days, each move carefully calculated especially getting up off the couch or bed. I believe that I waddle like a duck now. My feet swell up some, but the edema resolves itself by the morning. My mind is incredibly active, but my body has just taken over.

My love for food along with my libido has completely disappeared. These days I find myself just eating out of obligation because my emotional attachment to food appears to be lost. These are not new phenomena; I have felt this way for several weeks now. Of all of my favorite dishes, mostly ethnic dishes like Mexican, Indian, Italian, and Chinese, I cannot think of anything that will get me worked up like it used to. It is more so a loss of appetite. Before this I felt myself emotionally driven to eat, whereas now I eat simply because I know that I have to. The libido, I have learned, can be affected by pregnancy. It can decrease and/or increase. I'm hoping for its return soon.

People ask me all the time if I know what I am having. "A boy," I answer with caution explaining that the ultrasound technician was definitely leaning that way but not 100% completely certain. But I have put a great degree of confidence in her impression. Since then, I have completely invested in this gender so much so that I would be incredibly surprised to learn the contrary. We have even bought a couple of blue-colored outfits. I did ask about the return policy though.

The local Children's Place store has an ongoing fantastic sale on infant clothing; everything is $1.99. I quickly discovered that I was more attracted to the clothes for girls. There was nothing particularly emotional at all about the boy's clothing. Here the goal is not to get him all dolled up with colors and ensembles that excite me, but simply dressed in comfortable, clean, matching clothing.


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