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Week 30
~ It's a Boy!

Bringing a child into this world is an heroic act make no mistake about it. You are saying: I am going to facilitate the creation of your life, protect you, instill in you values, morals and principles. Give you a reason to believe in yourself and the world around you while loving you unconditionally. Whew, sounds like an enormous task doesn't it?

I am starting to feel the grueling toll that work life is taking on my body. With 10 weeks left, I walk (waddle) around with the appearance and feeling of perpetual fullness. I weigh the most that I have ever weighed in my natural life and am not excited about the prospect of additional weight gain these last two months.

My daughter touched my stomach for the first time this week. She seems more and more interested which makes my heart smile. I did not want to push her. I get the impression that she is still holding out for a girl. Although I am emotionally invested in this boy, I have to admit that it could very well be a girl. Now, that would be a surprise. We have loads of boy stuff now. The ultrasound technician said that it looked like a boy but she could not say 100% because the baby had its legs crossed. That was back in December. We just took that observation and ran with it. The joke would definitely be on us.

I plan on having her present during the birth. She has already told me several times that she is not having any children because it hurts too much, but may consider adoption. Watching her mother in agonizing pain might just seal the deal.

I went to see the OB/GYN who serves as the backup for the lay midwives--the one who worked on the Native American reservation. We were told that the doctor arrives at noon and that patients are seen in the order they arrive. So, we left the house at 10:45am in order to arrive at 11:00am hoping to be the first ones. We found that there were four women ahead of us. What time to you have to get there in order to be the first one? One of them had made a list and obliged me to sign my name next to the number five. We were happy to get out at 3:00pm. It was better than the entire day with the other OB/GYN.

While waiting Syed got upset when he noted the waiting room filled with patients and the doctor had yet to arrive. The last straw for him must have been when a fellow patient mentioned that the last time she had an appointment, the doctor did not arrive until 4:00pm. Despite my efforts to get him to calm down and simply accept the reality of it all (which is even hard for me), he demanded that the nurse explain to him why does the doctor have people come at noon when he, himself, cannot arrive on time. "It is very hard for pregnant women to remain in one position like this," he argued. She, herself, had no answer for him and simply shrugged.

His office was not as nicely decorated and his antique equipment was not as up to date as the other OB/GYN. In fact, the receptionist sold bottled water and soda pop, $1.00 and $0.75 respectively. The waiting room was packed with people spilling outside into the hallway. I indeed felt just like a number there--number five to be exact--but at least the receptionist and the nurse were nice.

When I was back to the nurse, her office/working space was a crowded closet/file room. She sat on a foot stool and took my medical history. She measured my blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer and her thumb--no stethoscope. Had I not lived and worked in Central America and Africa for six years I would shocked to tears.

The doctor arrived at 1:30pm. I had already mentioned it to the nurse and perhaps was reiterating it to him that I just needed his prenatal services until the end of next month, 36 weeks, because I am going to birth on the mainland. He asked if I was sure about not birthing with the midwife. "No, at this point I feel better leaving." He had this like: "Oh well, you're lost" kind of attitude, but he was cordial. I am learning not to expect too much. It keeps my feelings from getting hurt.

While chatting, he mentioned that he has a Michigan medical license but had never actually visited. "I got it by mail. I am trying to decide if I should renew it." He was not really interested in the premature contractions. I told him, but he had no follow-up questions or comments. He said that my baby was positioned breech. "He's sitting." Then he said that the baby was in a transverse lie. None of which troubled me. I am seven months pregnant. My baby is flipping and moving all the time. Don't let me drink a cold glass of something, he just goes berserk. This baby has time to assume the position.

It's definitely a boy! We are having a little boy. We saw his testicles on the ultrasound image. My daughter was holding out hope that it was a girl. Honestly, I would've been pleasantly surprised because she would have defied my intuition that it was a boy. Although, I truly just want a healthy baby. Now, there are definitely no more doubts.

They gave me an appointment in three weeks time. I learned in school that my appointments should be bi-weekly. I asked the receptionist if there is another day that is not so crowded. She said that this is light and that it is worse during the week. I learned that the doctor has two offices. "This morning he saw 28 patients at the other clinic. Here, he will see no less than 20," she explained. I tried to calculate in my head. He charged us $65 for the first visit and we are to pay $35 for subsequent visits.

I am going to stick with him for now because I need medical certificates to attest to my maternity leave dates and ability to fly out next month on one of the discount airliners. Delta is the only airline that does not restrict pregnant clients from flying, but they do not always have the best rates.

I left with prescriptions for my sore throat and hemorrhoids. For the last two weeks I have suffered with hemorrhoids. Preparation-H, shark liver oil, has does nothing to help me. I was surprised by their arrival because I had worked hard to avoid constipation. It was only those two episodes that I quickly rectified with prune juice, so I thought that this pregnancy might be hemorrhoid free. Wrong! Syed explained that my hemorrhoids had most likely formed on the inside before they actually protruded. I woke up with the beginnings of a sore throat and was prescribed amoxicillin for 7-10 days. I was not on my Ps & Qs enough to ask the doctor if I could take Zithromax, a macrolide antibiotic, which I tolerate well instead. They are both Pregnancy B classified. I avoid antibiotics like the plague. They always wipe out my bacterial flora and cause horrible yeast infections. Although I already got the prescription filled, I am going to try my old-fashioned home remedy first to halt a would-be infection (good old garlic). I am not ready to deal with a seven-day regimen of vaginal intra-vaginal creams, yogurt, and acidophilus. Hopefully this garlic will do the trick and I do not have the take one antibiotic.

This next week I will have a definite answer to the daily inquiries at work as to the sex of my baby. I supposed we have laughed enough. "What are you having?" someone will ask me. "A baby," I respond.


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