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Week 32
~ A Bit More Spirited

I still feel like that 80-year-old overweight woman, but I am a spirited one now. Nothing has changed, I am still tired as all get out but I feel a bit more motivated.

I started teaching a previously programmed undergraduate nursing class this week. I have two distinct groups; first year students and those near graduation. The former will present a bit of a challenge whereas the latter appears to be inspiring. I have taught various venues and just absolutely love students who love to learn. They appear to be cognizant that this is their last clinical experience as students and desperately want to make the best out of it before being thrown out into real world nursing.

Teaching requires that I muster up more energy. Energy that I swore I did not have last week--and I do not have this week either--but I am going to give it my best shot.

My abdomen has definitely expanded. It is definitely bigger. When I am out in public I notice how people look at me in the face first and then lower their eyes down towards my abdomen. I do not go out that much, but when I do people that feel comfortable enough approach me wanting to know how far along I am and the sex of my baby. People always correctly guess that I am carrying a boy by that age old low-carrying prediction. It is hard for me to tell if my abdomen is set high or low.

My baby kicks very, very low. The kicks appear below my pubic hair line and are painful. I am constantly shifting positions in an effort to accommodate the discomfort. I understand that if he is kicking that low then he could not possibly be head down yet. Provided all goes well, his birthday will be within eight weeks or so. This still gives him some time to turn around. He seems to like the right side of my uterus. He never changes from that position. That's the side of the bed his father loves as well.

My co-workers like to touch my abdomen everyday as if it were a lamp with an imprisoned genie. It does not bother me. I understand that compulsion. Whenever I saw a pregnant woman, I felt compelled to touch her abdomen as well.


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