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Week 34
~ Other Creatures' Babies

There's a baby bottle in our fridge, but it does not belong to my baby!

Upon exiting the pizzeria where we celebrated my son's recent 21st birthday (Gosh, I cannot believe I have a 21-year-old kid!), a small group of people were crowded around a lost kitten--an extremely small kitten. The smallest I have ever seen. Someone explained that it lost its mother. Everyone stood around frozen just staring at it. My daughter, the world's biggest animal lover, rushed to pick it up. Not particularly fond of animals, I told her to bring it along with us so that we could at least take it to the animal shelter. Having recently visited an animal shelter with her class, she explained that the local animal shelter puts animals to sleep if they are not adopted within two weeks time.

She has been its surrogate mother ever since feeding it from a baby bottle every two hours and tending to its every need. This experience, I believe, proved to be much more educational than when she brought a baby doll home for a school parenting lesson a few months back. "Mom, the kitten goes to sleep immediately after drinking its milk and wakes up ready to be fed again," she explained. "Did you know that human babies are the same way at first?" I asked.

She eventually found a good home for it with one of her classmates. The evening of its adoption, she told me she was having auditory hallucinations. "I can still hear the kitten's cries." Wow, that's a mother for you!

I was trying hard to make it another month at my job (meaning take my maternity within a week of my June 20th due date) and even informed my supervisor of the impending change, but a combination of factors have returned me to my original date which is at the end of this month.

There is a new account coming to my department in a couple of weeks, which means an increased workload and new protocols to learn. This will simply cause me much more stress at a time when I am trying to disengage myself. Plus, I happily discovered that I over calculated our expenses by $500 this month. More over, I am just plan tired. I may be a bit more spirited, but I am tired and this train has run out of steam. I have been busting my butt, as the sole income earner, to keep the household afloat and get all of our accounts current by taking on extra shifts at work and an extra short-term teaching contract. However, I feel as though it is time to retire Superwoman's cape. I need to simply chill and focus on the event at hand.


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