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Entry 6
~ Reloaded

It's been almost two months since my last entry and there's much to share! Even so, it's hard to pick just a few things to share from your life, you know? There is so much more to things than a few words, more details that don't get recorded, glimpses of each situation that don't get seen. It's not an easy job to be the recorder!


Caleb is no longer the "one tooth wonder". He now has 4 teeth, 2 on the bottom, 2 on the top. He's beginning to crawl around now, which is so much later than the other children. But that's okay. The time for his running away is soon to come! He is having quite the issue of separation anxiety. Not with Adam, but with me. At times he's fine, other times I don't dare even go to the bathroom without him screaming. Once I pick him up, he's happy as a lark. I'm still nursing him about 90% of the time. He eats solids for lunch and supper, with a smattering of cheerios and graham crackers throughout the day, but for breakfast and any other time, he nurses. He also still nurses to sleep, something which I haven't done with his siblings past four or five months. But for whatever reason, I'm okay with this. I'm not ready to end this part of nursing and he's not suffering from it at all (as you can see in the pictures. He's a healthy boy!).

I am having some concerns with Nathaniel. His short term memory (or lack there of) appears to be getting worse. Many times throughout the day, he'll ask me "when are we doing _____" or "when are we having (a meal time)" or "what's his/her name?". I will answer him, he'll say "okay" and walk away. Soon he'll be coming back to me and asking me the same question. This is an everyday occurrence, with several questions. I can't tell if this is more of an age thing (he's 4) or if this has to do with his brain damage. I don't remember the other ones having this much difficulty remembering things, but when you have so many, sometimes things run into one another in your brain. The other things that I'm noticing is he is walking on the pads of his feet, almost on his tip toes. It's not all the time, but it's enough for me to notice . . . I'm not sure if I'm being sensitive to the fact that he has brain damage and looking for things/problems that aren't there or what. But I do keep a close eye on him.

The other five are doing well. Damaris's vocabulary is getting so good. We haven't had this good of a talker at 2 1/2 since Maacah (she was talking in complete sentences at 18 months!) and it's fun to hear what she comes up with! Yesterday, when I was mending her dress, she asked me what I was doing. I told her and she asked, "My dress broken?" Soo cute! With all this sunshine, my children are getting so brown! No, I don't put sun screen on them (I do put Caleb in the shade, though). Call me a bad Mom if you want, but I don't. (When we go to the lake, then I do several times because we are there for so long, but just playing out side in our yard, I don't.)

With those 3 wordy paragraphs, I feel like I should stop right here! I do have some other things to say, so I'll keep going . . .

Our business:

Things are slow. We don't have any weddings booked for the summer, although we do have two weddings (one small, one big) where we are making cheesecake bites (a 1" by 1" bite of cheescake). Other than that, it's just the county business with a smattering of small business meetings from the Tribe (we live near the Potawatomi Indian tribe). We are expanding, however, into the chocolate making world. We are experimenting with what kind of chocolate bars we want to make: dark chocolate for sure and ???. We don't want to make a milk chocolate for two reasons: 1.) the milk allergy issue and 2.) we don't want sugar to be the first ingredient. It always is with milk chocolate, so we are experimenting with nuts and other flavors with the dark chocolate to make something unique. We also are making nut butters (like Nutela). The flavors are: peanut butter, cashew, almond, and hazelnut. We don't have a store front, but we are looking into one or more of the surrounding stores to carry it.


We have a neighbor who either is quite hyper about things and/or has too much time on their hands. There has been complaints about our children "playing in the road" and the police have been called. Our children DO NOT play in the road, but the older three do ride their bikes in the road (as does every other bike-riding-age child in town). Since March, the police have visited or called us seven times about this. Each time, we do what we can but the neighbor (whoever it is), is not satisfied. About two weeks ago, they came once more with a lady from social services. I don't know about you, but in today's environment with social services sticking their noses in places they don't always belong, that makes me nervous.

What we were told was that if our children want to ride their bikes, Adam or I have be literally sitting on the road side for them to do so. If our children are playing outside, then one of us have to be in their midst. Sitting on the porch is not good enough. I know it's childish, but I bristle when someone attempts to tell me how to parent my child(ren), where and when they can play, etc.! We went through that weekend thinking and praying about moving. It has been eight years since we bought this house, which is in town. We have never really wanted to live in town, but this is the house that was opened up to us and it was/is big enough to "grow" into. We only had two children, with Isaac on the way, so a house with four large bedrooms and two bathrooms was perfect. It's not the house that is an issue, it is it's location.

However, we came to the understanding that it's just not our time to move (if it ever will be). We can't afford this house and another house at the same time. The only thing we could afford would be no more than $30,000 and for that little, it would be a dump or something that would take a lot of work and money to fix up. I'm not afraid of the work, for we have done a lot of stuff to this house, it's the amount of money it would take to fix up, make livable (and/or make bigger) and such. Plus, there's the commercial kitchen. We have to have another licensed kitchen to move into before we can leave this one. The way that room is now, it's not liveable space and we would have to make it so before we even try to sell it. All in all, it's not the right time to move.

So our solution? We bought the needed material for a fence. Now that the emotions are all settled, I can see that this is a blessing in disguise for I have been asking for a fence for years and Adam has always said no. I also want the 9 foot high, 15 foot long swing set moved from the side of the house to the back. Now it will be. We are fencing in the back yard and we want them to be able to use the swing set. Digging up those 3 foot deep cemented posts won't be fun, but it will be worth it. You can see the layout of our house in the back from the various pictures, as well as the fort we built for the children on one side of our house (they designed it and they love it!!).

Okay, so now I think my book is done. I hope you all have a wonderful month of June!

Till next time,
~ Jennifer

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