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Entry 9 ~ March 4, 2014
~ Short but sweet!

Boy, February sure went by in a whirl wind! Which is fine with me, for the faster the days pass, the sooner warmer days will be here! It's been unbelievably cold here. We have now had over 100 days of the temps not getting above 40 degrees and we are almost breaking another record of having the most consecutive days with the low temp in the negatives. I have heard some people say that the colder a winter is, the less insects we'll have during the Summer. The rate we're going, we shouldn't have any bugs at all! It's not the snow, really, that is making everyone ready for Winter to be over. It's those stupid cold temps, since it keeps people inside and not able to enjoy the outdoors. I suppose those of you in the southern parts don't get how anyone could enjoy the outdoors when it's cold enough to snow. But around here, Winter is normal and life goes on. But even the hardest of the hardy don't venture out when it's -40 degrees and 35 mph winds. Brrr!

I am very thankful that we have had a very mild case of the flu (so far!). We don't always get it, but when we do.... my goodness! I easily don't leave the house for weeks! But as it is now, people have been sick for maybe a day and that's it. I sure am praying that it stays that way!

Adam and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on the second. Fourteen years! It's hard to grasp that we have been married for that long. And then at other times, it's hard to grasp that it's only been 14 years. So much has happened within those years, it seems as if it should be much longer then just 14! The Lord has surely blessed us in so many ways! I am forever grateful to Him for bringing us together and for giving us our beautiful children!

I learned today that I have tendinitis in my right shoulder and my rotator cuff. I have no idea what I did to it, but it's hurt nonetheless. It has been hurting for a few weeks, but I thought it was just a pulled muscle and that it will go away. No go. It has increasingly been getting worse, so I took myself the the doctor's today (I hate going to the doctors!) and that is what I was told. Ugh! And then I was told to "use it as little as possible." Yeah, that's funny...... I start PT in a few days and I'm hoping it will help it heal without surgery. Since I can still move my arm (not without pain, but I have a high tolerance of pain, so I move it anyway), I don't think it's torn bad enough for surgery. At least I sure hope not.....

I'm sorry that this is so short, but my arm is really hurting and it's way past my bedtime, yet I wanted to get this written before I forget about it again. There is more stuff to tell, but I think it's best to sign off for now and hopefully I'll have better news (and a longer post!) for you next month.

Blessings to all of you!
~ Jennifer

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