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Week 36 ~ February 12 - 18, 2006
~ Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, my foot! Who has time to celebrate Valentine's Day anymore? Certainly not me! It's funny, I was remembering when we were first dating, and V-Day came around, it was sooo important to me (Aaron didn't know when it was!) I went out and found him the perfect, unique present, got all dressed up in a skirt and heels, and made him take me out. We saw a movie, then came back to his house so he could make me dinner. We drank a little wine, got a little drunk, had a late dinner picnic in his room, and then didn't clean up any of the dishes because, hey, it was Valentine's Day, and we had better things to do. Fast forward to 2006. I, of course, knew it was V-Day coming up, but magically didn't really care too much about it (after years of letting it ruin my life!) Aaron still didn't know when it was, and when he saw a V-Day commercial on TV one night late last week, his reaction was (not kidding), "When is Valentine's Day anyway?" "Next Tuesday." "OH CRAP. What do you want?" Ha ha ha, that's such a great reaction, just exactly what every girl wants to hear! So we spent our V-day weekend cleaning the house, buying formula, and driving back and forth to various doctor's appointments. Very busy, very romantic. However, the way I see it, we have a baby coming our way in a few weeks, and we're starting our family together. What says "love" more than that? So if a tear up more over a can of Enfamil more than I do over a red heart box of chocolates, well, I suppose that's just where I am in life.

Plus, luckily, we have my family close by to give me the necessary chocolates and gift certificates to ice cream shops, so that we might quench my never-ending need to feed chocolate to Charlie!

I went to see Dr. Abbott again this week, and everything is still looking good. Charlie is upside down and locked into position. I had wondered a little bit if he had dropped any, as I've felt a little bit lighter on my feet this week. However, according to the doctor, Charlie's still pretty high up in my pelvis. Oh well, it's too early to get our hopes up just yet anyway! Dr. Abbott did a swab to test for Group B Strep, which I'll find out about next week. Other than that, it was all same old, same old, and he sent me on my way. I have been upgraded to weekly visits now, which was exciting for me because the more often I go see him, the more I know about WHEN the baby's going to get here!

My Stump Dr. Abbot 20 questions session this week wasn't nearly as exciting as I had anticipated. I thought I had some good questions, but, like always, he answered them without blinking an eye. My boobs are fine and normal. Episiotomies are only done when circumstance creates the necessity for one, in which case he will explain everything to us in detail as it's happening. And inducing labour will be something we can discuss at about a week past due (not two weeks, phew!), taking into account my physical and mental condition at that time. There simply is no stumping this doctor!

This week we also had our prenatal meeting with the pediatrician, Dr. Kaplan, which was good. He was very nice - knowledgeable while still being relaxed and friendly. We gave him a lot of the very broad questions we had, and just like with Dr. Abbott he made us feel very bland and normal by answering each and every one of them with ease. Nice to have such smarty pants doctors, very comforting! Dr. Abbott had advised us to just talk with the pediatrician, feel him out and see how we liked his answers and demeanor, to help in making our decision on a baby doctor. We'll see how he is with the baby once he gets here, but as of right now, we were very pleased with Dr. Kaplan, and he's onboard to be our pediatrician on-call at the hospital for the circumcision. Another big task marked off the list!

And after our appointment with Dr. Kaplan, Aaron and I headed over to Fire Station #1 for yet another appointment to have our car seat inspected. We had learned through our class at the hospital that 90% of car seats are actually installed incorrectly, which is absolutely terrifying. In our town, all the men at the fire stations are required to take a 40 hour course on child and car seat safety, and they are absolutely gung-ho about educating the city. They have open times during the weekends to stop by and have your car seats inspected, or you can make an appointment to stop by during the week. They'll go over with you every aspect of installing the car seat base correctly for your particular vehicle, and then show you how to properly connect the carrier to that base. For example, you're not supposed to leave the carrier arm up when the car is moving - who knew? Also, all cars manufactured from 2003 and beyond are required to have special hooks especially for grounding baby carriers and car seats safely. It's a fantastic service, and I would highly suggest that everyone look into similar programs offered through your city. Our seat was installed incorrectly, even though we had thought we'd followed the directions exactly. Just goes to show you can't be too safe. My mom had ordered a matching base for our carrier to go in her car, for when she's driving the baby around, and we were then able to show her and my dad the proper way to install theirs. Very handy!

Well, along with the 3 million appointments we made this week, we've also been very productive in getting all the things on our To Do list done. The stenciling and monkey mural on the baby's wall is now completely done, and I have to say, it is absolutely, insanely adorable! Way too cute for words. It has "Charles Daniel" stenciled in alternating blue and green letters over the crib, and then the arm of the l in "Daniel" extends way out to the right of it, like a tree branch, with big jungle leaves growing from the end. I painted a super cute baby monkey hanging upside down from the branch, watching over the baby. It's so much fun! We also bought some unfinished shelves, painted those white, with accents in the blue and the green, and have hung those up on the walls. One of the bigger shelves has a series of three pegs on the underside, so we've hung three of Charlie's cutest little outfits from them, and it is such a cute look! God knows that some of those OshKosh and Carters clothes we got are way too cute to just go in a dresser, and they actually make really great decorations! We've got sheets on the crib mattress, valances on the windows, and voila, before I knew it, the nursery was done! The one last tiny little thing I have left to do is find a picture frame for a little baby crocodile drawing I've got, and then we really are done. I can't believe it, it only took us 8 and a half months, but now the storage room from hell has been transformed into the most tranquil and sweet place in the whole house! I am so incredibly happy about how the room has turned out, there just aren't even words. Not to mention how happy Aaron is that I'm happy with the room - one less thing he has to worry about!

With the room complete, we've been able to do more catching up on our purchasing as well (we're just moving right along, aren't we?) I picked up a sling carrier this weekend, along with more formula, waterproof pads, infant Tylenol, and all sorts of other boring baby goodies. We have one shower to go, which I'm hoping will be along the same lines as our last one, and we'll get some of the last few cute things we need (swaddling blankets, outfits, etc.) Meanwhile, we'll keep stocking up on the less glamourous, but necessary items we've been getting! Next week my mom and I are planning a girls' shopping night to go out and find the super-fun nursing bra and maternity panties I'll be needing for the aftermath of the birth, and then with that, we'll finish getting my bags packed, get our phone number lists complete, and I'm ready to roll!

Ok, I'm about out of time, but I just want to take one last minute to say welcome to the newest baby in our house… our Messiah Generations NEX system! Woohoo, I love you NEX system! The Nintendo that Aaron had promised to get me for my birthday proved to be very difficult to find, however we did find this very handy new console, the NEX, which will play all your original 1980s Nintendo cartridges. Yes, I know, I'm a dork, but apparently, that's what living with Aaron this long will do to a girl. And, as it's highly likely that the baby, considering his genes, will prove to be an even bigger computer/gaming dork than both his high-tech parents, we all know that he's happy about the NEX! So, while Charlie and I are all shopped out, we're all painted out and all decorated out, and it's time for us to sit down, rest, and await his imminent arrival, all to the theme music of the original Mario Brothers.

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