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~ Meet Jennifer

Jennifer's FamilyHello! My name is Jennifer and I'm 29. My husband Adam, who is 30, and I have been married for 9 years. We have 5 children: Maacah (8), Grace (6), Isaac (4 1/2), Malachi (2 1/2) and Nathaniel (14 months). We are currently expecting our 6th child and everyone is very excited! I don't think we'll be finding our the sex at my ultrasound, but my husband is already sure it's a girl. He has been absolutely correct with all the other children, so he's batting 5-0. I think I'll trust him!

My husband and I met at culinary school (Johnson & Wales University) in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a professional chef and while I used to work in the restaurant business, I now mostly stay in one kitchen: my own. I stay home with our children and I home school them. I currently have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader and a preschooler (along with the 2 year old and the toddler!). Needless to say, I rarely have boring days! My hobbies are sewing (I sew most of the clothes my daughters' and I wear), singing, reading (although I don't have much time for this past time), and gardening. We live in northern Wisconsin, so even though our growing season in very short, we try and do as much as we can once the sun becomes warm again!

We obviously love children and we are completely open to however many the Lord wants to bless us with. We don't practice any birth control and while many people disagree with us on this issue, it is what the Lord has convicted us about and it is a life the Lord will continue to guide us through. We are conservative Christians. Meaning we take the Bible literally and we strive to live out the teachings and principles taught in the Bible in our every day lives. I wear a head covering all day, every day (but not at night!), we don't own a TV, my sons and husband don't wear shorts or T-shirts, and my daughters and I wear only dresses or jumpers (to name a few of the different things that we do). Jesus Christ is the most important person in our lives and in our marriage, for that is the place He deserves.

I am going to try and be honest with this journal. There is a part of me that is hesitant to be so, just because I have come across so many people who are strongly against having a large family. But if you are here reading this, then you know that pregnancy is not always sweet dreams and easy days. It is true that the more children you have, the more things you feel during pregnancy (like the incontinence. Oh my word!). But you know, each life that the Lord gives us is precious, wanted and beautiful. Any and all discomfort or pain I'll go through, is worth it 100 times over for that life!

I have been reading the StorkNet journals since I was expecting my second child, so I am very excited to be writing one for this child! Thanks for joining me and in a house with five little ones, perhaps I can entertain you some. Welcome to a house of a large family who is getting larger!

~ Jennifer

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