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Week 13
~ And so it begins . . .

Yesterday morning, I brought Nathaniel into our bed around 6:30 AM since I was still groggy from lack of sleep, and I didn't want his wailing to wake up the other children. A few minutes later, I hear this pitter-patter of naked feet slapping down the hallway, coming towards our room. Malachi soon appeared in the doorway and crawled up into our bed. He immediately gets into Nathaniel's face, touching nose to nose. He then looks at me with his big blue eyes and says, “Mommy, baby just loves me.” I had to giggle. That boy is something else, I tell you! I know that everyone is different and of course, all my children have different personalities. But our first three have similarities between them. Not Malachi. He is completely night and day from anyone else! I am in the middle of potty training him. It's been a little over a week since we started and he has not caught on yet. But that's okay. The deadline for this to be done is when he turns 3, which is at the end of June, so we have time. I know that sounds a bit funny, having a "deadline" and all. But there is no reason why a child can't grasp the idea of when their body is telling them they have to go potty by the age of 3.

On the baby front: I had a horrible night last night. This always happens during pregnancy: I fall asleep very quickly, but then wake up completely around 1 or 2 AM, then toss and turn for about 2 to 3 hours. I think to myself I probably should get up and do something, but I always talk myself out of it thinking that by the time I'm ready to crash back into bed, the children are all getting up. And then I'll have to wait to take a nap until the boys go down for their nap, which is after lunch. Usually around 5 AM, I do fall back to sleep, but then I don't get up until around 7:30 or so. With children who haven't learned the art of sleeping in yet, it is really hard to start the day when they get up before you. *Sigh* Considering how I feel this morning, I think next time (read: tonight) I'll get up anyway and not lay there for hours trying to get back to sleep. I don't remember it happening this early in the pregnancy, but my memory is not known for its accuracy.

I went to my OB appointment this morning (Wednesday) and I lost another 6 pounds. The scale at the doctor's office puts me as 6 pounds heavier than the scale we have here at home. I think I'm going to stick with our scale! Since the second week of January I have lost about 23 pounds. Although some of that weight was lost before I became pregnant, losing weight in pregnancy is very normal for me. I think it's because my metabolism goes up and my eating portions go down. This is the most weight I have lost by this time, so I'm guessing it's also because my body knows what to do now and my uterus is taking up a portion of where my stomach used to be. But then again, the baby isn't that big yet, so maybe not.

We almost didn't get to hear his/her heart beat this morning. This, too, is normal for me. Even at 8 months, my babies like to hide. Believe me, this doesn't end at birth! In defense of the baby though, his/her mother is not a small woman and so the Doppler has to go through many layers of extra "curves" to get to the baby's heart tones. But I silently prayed that the heart beat would be heard (for I was getting a little nervous and I didn't like the idea of waiting a whole month to hear the heart beat again), and then we heard it! It was too faint for the children to hear it (they were all with me), but the doctor and I heard it. It was enough for me. At my first appointment we had an ultrasound already, so the heart beat was heard loud and clear then. The reason I have an ultrasound so early is because I'm a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) and so my doctor likes to get the most accurate date for the baby. Apparently, the best and most accurate dating for ultrasound is during the first trimester. Because I'm a VBAC (Maacah was breech, but the other four have all been successful VBACs) and this is my seventh pregnancy (we lost our first baby around 1 1/2 months), that puts me into a slightly higher risk.

Well, I suppose that's enough for my book! I hope you all have a good week/end and we'll talk with you next week.

~ Jennifer

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