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Week 15
~ Yep, We're Crazy!

We are city folk. Not because we want to be, but because this is where we are. When I say "city," I don't mean "Chicago" or "LA" type city. I mean small town city. We are within the city limits, yes, but keep in mind our "city" has less than 2,000 people in it. Anyway, we live in the city with a normal city lot: 66' x 132'. Our house is a good size, around 2,000 square feet and we have a big wrap around porch in the front. We also have a one car garage in the back corner (which is used for storage). This doesn't leave us with much yard space. Enough for the children to play in, but nothing left over. But that doesn't stop us. We had our first garden last year, with large planter type boxes, and it went fairly well. This year we are getting more ambitious, and we will be planting around 20 different vegetable/fruits. These, again, will be in large planter type boxes so we can have the garden but not use up the limited yard.

ChickensAs if all that wasn't enough, we bought chickens last week. 25 of them, to be exact. Our family goes through about five dozen eggs a week, so it's economical to raise our own laying chickens. At the moment, we have the four week old birds sitting in our washroom in a large cage. My husband would like them to be in the basement, but I don't. I'm afraid that if they are down there, two things will happen: 1. I will forget to feed/water them and 2. My children will constantly be down there and I don't want that. So up here they will stay, stink, noise and all. We will be housing them outside in what is called a "chicken tractor" or "chicken ark" (I'll talk more about that some other time) once it gets warm enough for them. And people think we are crazy for having so many children. Wait until they see our chickens in the city! (I've attached a picture of the night when the chickens "came home." Grace is in the background, while Maacah and Isaac are in the foreground. My in-laws are the adults in the picture)

There is still a pile of snow under the swing set, but otherwise I think Spring is here! It's in the 60's today (Wednesday) and the sun is shinning! I even hung up my first load of laundry for the summer on the clothes line. It feels so good! Speaking of good, that's what I'm finally feeling . . . for the most part. I find myself still needing a nap most days, but I can handle that. I'm beginning to sleep better and the nausea has gone away (the first time in 7 pregnancies that I got nauseous. Go figure!). I never have gotten that "nesting urge" when the experts say you will. I always get mine about now and it lasts until about 32 weeks or so. That's a long nesting urge, I know. But that's usually the time when I feel the best. You may be thinking that my house would be nice and clean from those 17 weeks of cleaning, but it won't be. You'd be surprised how dirty and messy our house gets in one week! Although I did clean out our fridge today and it looks fabulous! It's probably been about a year since I properly cleaned it out (yikes!), so you can imagine how bad it was.

Even though we probably won't be finding out the sex of this child, it's kind-of a pain to always write "him/her" or "he/she." So from now on, when I'm talking about this baby, I'll say "Little One." I know it seems like I've talked more about our prospective garden and our chickens then I have about Little One. But Little One is so little at the moment, that there's not much going on. Although I can feel the baby move at times and I just love those first movements!

Everyone take care this week/end!

~ Jennifer

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