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Week 16
~ And Time Has Left the Building!

What is it about getting older that makes time pass so much faster? I remember my first pregnancy. It seemed to drag on and on. I never thought it would end! Especially when I went on maternity leave for that last four weeks (it should have been three weeks, but our daughter decided not to come out correctly and eight days past the due date, it was discovered she was in the breech foot down position. She is extremely independent and stubborn, so it started even then . . .) and had no work to do or anybody to talk to during the day. We lived in a small one-bedroom apartment, so there was only so much space to clean and organize. Then my second pregnancy went faster, except for the last 18 days, for that's how long she was overdue. Now those were loooooong days!

The pregnancies have gone by faster and faster since then. I suppose it does help that I have more children and things to do/take care of with each child. I will admit that my memory is not something people should put much stock into, at least when it comes to when things happened. But I truly don't remember any of them going by as fast as this one it! I'm already at four months! Yikes! I can feel Little One more and more. There are times when I feel Little One and I think to myself "oh yeah, there's someone in there!" It's not that I really forget that I'm pregnant, for I don't think anyone can really do that. It's just that it is not always on my mind and I get caught up (or distracted) by whatever is going on and so when I feel movement, it tends to take me off guard.

I'm not sure if I'm "showing" yet already or not. I'm not a small lady to begin with and since I've had five children so far . . . well, it kind-of looked like I was pregnant before I actually was. I can't really use my clothes as a guide either, for my dresses and jumpers are all loose anyway. But for the sake of my pride (I know, I know. "Pride cometh before the fall"), I'll say I'm showing. I always look forward to that time in pregnancy that people know you're pregnant just by looking at you. There's no more 'is she fat or pregnant?' kind-of questions because it's obvious.

I have been having some horrible headaches since December and it has to do with my prescription in my glasses. It's taken me this long to find someone around here that takes our insurance (our HMO changed at the beginning of the year and while I was careful to make sure that our local hospital accepts this HMO and the pediatric neurologist accepts it for Nathaniel, I didn't even think about dental or optometry.) I went to the new place yesterday and within the next week or so I will be getting new glasses. I sure hope they help!

I forgot to mention last week that Malachi is potty trained! Yeah! That means I will have only one in diapers for the next five months or so. I can deal with that. That also mean he's done before his third birthday, which was my goal. He still has accidents at night but that's okay, so does my six year old.

We also don't have city chickens anymore. Actually, technically we do, but they can't be outside at our house anymore (well, they can't be outside anywhere right now anyway. In 48 hours, Monday and Tuesday, we got 1 foot of snow. No joke! And then it's supposed to be in the low 70's by Saturday. Crazy!). One of our neighbors complained, so they will be living up at my in-laws house once they can be outside for good. Which I hope is soon, for as good as fresh eggs are, I'm getting tired of my house smelling like a chicken coop!

That's about all for this week! Blessings to everyone!
~ Jennifer

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