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Week 18
~ A Much Better Week

This week was much better than the last one, for which I'm very grateful for. Before I forget, I'd like to apologize to those of you who have e-mailed me and I haven't written back to you yet. I'm beginning to think there are not 24 hours in the day, for the day is gone before I know it! With most days, sitting down at the computer and responding to e-mails just doesn't get on the "to do" list. Besides, half of my "to do" things that do get on the list, don't get done!

Anyway, things are going better. Of course, I have to take it day by day and week by week, just as anyone else does. But I've come to terms with the fact that my daughter just doesn't work as fast as I'd like her too and in reality, it's not what's important. What's important is that she is learning. So if that takes her the whole day (which is usually does), it takes her the whole day. I've discussed this with her and she understands that she is going at her own pace. She still has the required lessons to finish every day, but if she chooses to distract herself, she won't be able to play outside or do any of the fun activities that her siblings get to do. I must admit, that I've had to bite my tongue very often this week so that I don't prod her along or scold her for staring out the window. She still has to get her quizzes done within a certain time; I won't allow all day for those. It's still too early to tell if this is the answer I'm needing, but knowing her like I do, I really think this is the best solution.

We have two weddings (so far) that we are catering this summer. One of them is July 11 and it is 4 hours south of us. Which, in itself, is not a problem. The reception place is an hour away from where the wedding will take place. But since we are not there for the actual wedding, this is not an issue either. The problem comes from there is no kitchen where the reception will be. We are traveling four hours south, cooking for approximately 200 people; the menu is easy but nice, and there is no kitchen. So what do we do? We travel with our kitchen! I'm serious! My father-in-law bought an Army kitchen trailer this past December and is in the process of converting it into a portable kitchen trailer that is powered by propane instead of white gas (which is essentially gasoline. That's not something I really want to be lighting to start the burners on my stove!). He has also put in a sink, a propane powered fridge, a 4 burner professional stove and has rearranged some of the limited counter space. We need it to be done before the wedding so we can cook in it and "practice" using the space, stove and everything it has on it. Cooking for a wedding is not the time you want to be trying out something this unique for the first time. The parents of the bride came today for a "taste test" of the sauces they want on the chicken breasts and carrots, along with the style of rolls they want. Four hours is a long way to travel just for lunch, but they said it was worth it!

I'm feeling baby move more and more, of course. Little one is not as active as my other ones were, but I'm okay with that! I got new glasses the other day and as we were leaving the office, the receptionist asked me, "Are you baby sitting today?" (for I had all the kiddos with me, as usual). I smiled and said, "No, they are all mine." I get that question a lot. There was a one other lady in the waiting room and she asked me when I'm due. So that must mean I'm beyond the "are you fat?" questions and I'm on to the "when are you due?" questions! I can handle that! Yeah!!

That's about it for me for this week. Talk to you all later!

~ Jennifer

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