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Week 20
~ Hello World, Here I Am!

Bottom of feetToday was the big day. Little One's hiding place was exposed and we got to see their face! Such a cutie already! The face is narrow, just like Nathaniel's face. It will be quite interesting to see who this Little One resembles. The total time it took for the ultrasound was 55 minutes, which is my longest one so far! The tech wasn't getting good pictures for her liking, so there I was, flat on my back for the whole time. Needless to say, I was quite uncomfortable. The tech said that the more babies you have, the less taut your uterus becomes, hence you get the non-clear pictures. There were several times she was pressing so hard into my stomach that I had to ask her to let up some. But, I kept looking at the monitor and was telling myself that the brief pain and discomfort was worth it. And I got through it.

Baby's FaceI've included the three pictures that they sent home with me. The first one is of the bottom of their feet with the perimeter of their bottom to the right. It's as if the baby was sitting with the feet down and their bottom down on top of the camera lens. So cute! The second picture is of their face looking downward. We are at the top of the head looking down and in towards the head. You can see the nose, upper lip, the eyes, and the ridge in the top of the scull. The second picture is what could be a little girl! If you look closely (sorry this one is not so clear), below the "?girl" writing are 3 white lines. This supposedly indicates girl parts. Imagine you are looking up towards the bottom a child who has their legs out in front of them, like they are sitting in a chair. That's the position of this shot.

Maybe Girl?Is it truly a girl? I think so. Not because of the ultrasound, but because my husband says so. We didn't learn what our first two children were and he said they were both girls. He was right. He said that our third and fourth children were boys. The ultrasound agreed and sure enough, he was right then too. With our fifth child, the tech said that it was a girl while Adam was sure it was a boy (the tech put it in a sealed envelope that we opened once he was born. We would have been surprised either way!). Well, as you can see by our family photo at the top, Adam was right again. The ultrasound is batting 2-1. Adam is batting 5-0. Can you guess who I'm going to believe with this one?

Tomorrow starts the busy season for us. We have a banquette to cater and then it's on to graduation parties, weddings, rehearsal dinners . . . This summer is going to fly by, I just know it!

Blessings to all this up coming week/end!

~ Jennifer

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