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Week 21
~ Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been chopping at the bit to get our garden planted and going. You can't do that too early around here because of the chance of frost at night. We had to cover our garden twice this last week to keep our plants alive. It's not just the cold that will kill your plants, it's the frost. I think we have lost a few tomato plants, but everything else seems to be alright. I was planning on sending some pictures along, but it's raining outside at the moment and I'm not all that keen on going out there to get all soggy. It's been raining for the past two days and everything it quite damp. I'm not complaining since we need the rain, except for the housebound children who don't seem to know what to do with themselves. How quickly they forget the lessons of winter!

My husband and I have also been busy making a swing set for the children. It's about 16' long and 9' high. My husband wanted to make swings out of tires, so we have three different "tire swings" on the set. The children love it! I love it because they are right out the front door and I can easily keep an eye on them without me having to sit there and watch them. There is also a large sandbox next to the swing set and this keep the little boys entertained (when no one is available to push them on the swings, that is).

We are all excited for tomorrow for this is the day that we meet with the midwife. I suppose to be more honest, I'm excited about meeting the midwife and the children are excited about going to the zoo. And my husband, well, he's not all that excited about either for he doesn't get excited about much in the first place. He's so even keeled that he doesn't have too many lows or highs. Don't get me wrong, he's not a non-emotional person. He just has a different way of showing things then most people do. Anyway, since my appointment is in the afternoon, we decided to leave here early and take the children to see the animals. We will then have a picnic at the zoo before we leave. The forecast is not calling for rain, so I'm hopeful it will stay that way.

I have always had trouble drinking milk from this point on during pregnancy. For whatever reason, the taste of it makes me gag and I just can't get it down. I know that I need it to help with the horrible leg cramps I get. I've tried taking the calcium supplements, but they don't really help much. We were at a friend's house (they own a whole foods/organic/bulk food store) this past Sunday and they had whole, non-homogenized (but pasteurized) milk and I drank two glasses of it with no problems! Yay! The only down side is that it's organic, so we pay more for half a gallon of it then we do for the one gallon of the whole milk from Walmart. But it's only for me, so maybe it won't be too bad. And it's worth it, really. I do take me prenatal vitamins and it does have calcium in them, but it's not the same as ingesting "real" calcium. I can eat cheese and yogurt just fine, but I still think the milk is important, too.

Blessings to everyone this week/end!
~ Jennifer

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