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Week 22
~ Not an exciting week. Finally!!

There's really not much to report this week. Of course things happened, but nothing "to write home about", which is just fine with me! With home schooling and having five children, there are days I get enough excitement just opening my eyes in the morning.

We did go to the zoo last Thursday and the children really had a good time! It didn't rain, for which I was very grateful to God for!, but the weather was nice and cool, which makes walking around outside for a few hours much more comfortable. We had a picnic after we were done with the zoo and then the children played a little bit at the park. Then we packed everything and everyone up and headed off to Sam's Club. We bought the things we needed, stopped by a place for me to get some sandals, then found the midwife's house.

She was very nice and I like her very much. While we still have not decided if a home birth is something we are going to do yet or not, if we decide to, she will be a good midwife for us. She is a Christian, she has been the primary midwife for 15 years and has delivered or helped deliver over 400 babies! A reasonable amount, I think! The traveling two hours south one way is a concern, what with the gas prices being as they are and our family vehicle is a 15 passenger van (it's $40 for the whole trip, and that doesn't include lunch). But it is possible we won't do all the standard appointments, to help cut down on the traveling and expense. For example, instead of seeing her every two weeks from 28 weeks to 36, we'd continue to see her once a month. Then from 36 weeks to 40 weeks, we'll see her bi-weekly. If/When I go over the due date, then I'll see her once a week, but I think that will only be once.

Little One is moving more and more, which is good. The movements are just hard enough to be felt from the outside. I mentioned that I found some milk that I can drink and I can feel a difference already in my muscles. I have IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome), so I can feel a difference else where, too, but we won't go there!

We are all hoping that the true warmth of summer is soon to be here. It was 30 degrees last Saturday night and we had to cover all the garden beds with plastic and blankets. Everything has survived and we have put hoops made out of 1/2" PVC pipes, covered with plastic, to help keep in the warmth. We have seen a difference in the growth of the plants, so this is helping. It seemed Winter would never end and Spring has refused to come (although, of course, this isn't true. We do have leaves on the trees, Spring flowers are growing and I've already had to cut the lawn twice now, but you know what I mean). Will the Summer warmth never come? (Come July, being seven months pregnant and living in a house with no AC, I'll come to regret those words, I'm sure).

Blessings to all this week/end!
~ Jennifer

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