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Week 23
~ A Wee Bit of Nothing

Well, Adam and I are a bit closer to making the decision to go with a home birth or not. But we still have not come to a final conclusion yet. He's still not 100% sure, even though I am. For this to work, however, I know he needs to be. And so we will wait.

The children are still "in school" and will be until the end of September (I hope!). Going through the summer just works best for our family, and so does the four day school week we have. They will still get their breaks, when needed, but it helps to keep them busy and have a consistent schedule. I'm hoping they will all be done by the time the baby is born. That way we can start the next grade when we are all ready to do so. I know my children and it wouldn't be good to start something as new as the next grade, only to stop a few weeks into it for who knows how long. I didn't plan it like this on purpose, but I think it truly will work out for the best. I still have not decided if Isaac will start first grade next year or not. I'm not convinced that he is ready for it, yet I think I will "lose" him if we have another year of kindergarten. Hopefully by next fall I'll have a better idea of what to do next with him.

Little One has been growing, I can tell! Not only have the movements gotten stronger, and more frequent, it seems like over night my tummy has just "popped" out. Trust me, with larger built women, tummies don't just "pop" for no reason! With the first five kiddos, I carried more in the middle of my body than out if front or in back. But with this one, it's different. I know they say that with subsequent pregnancies, you tend to be bigger and get bigger faster. Yet I can tell that it's more than that at this point. I really think this one is more out in front. Which is okay, for the most part, except that at 23 weeks I feel like I'm already starting to waddle! Sigh.

My mother is due to be here next Saturday (June 20) and it will be real nice to see her. It's been awhile since we have seen one another and she is really looking forward to seeing the children. My mother and I have always had a good relationship, so her coming is not an ordeal for me. Although I can't say the same thing for my husband! Don't get me wrong, they get along well. It's just that he doesn't like anyone, mother-in-law or not, staying for too long (she'll be staying for about a month). But he'll be fine. He works half the time, so it will all work out.

Blessings this week/end!
~ Jennifer

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