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Week 25
~ Is it Hot Enough for You?

That is the question that everyone has been asking me lately, and it's depressing to know that it will still be asked for two more months! We had a very cold winter (actually, it was a normal winter. But compared to the last few years, which were not normal, it was quite cold) and it seemed like it never wanted to go away. Would you believe it if I told you that only three weeks ago, it got down to freezing at night? We had a cold Spring, too. And now? Summer is coming on with a vengeance! We are not as dry as the Western states and we are not as humid as the Eastern (southern) states; we are somewhere in the middle. But it has been very humid here this week. Humid and still, with not much air movement. Our house has no AC, so nights have been dreadful for me! Yes, we are north, so we don't have that many hot, hot days (I spent every summer for 18 years in Virginia, so I know hot!!), but when we do, this pregnant Mama is miserable! The old timers around here say that this year's weather, winter, spring and so far, summer, has all been normal and is what they remember as children and younger adults. So much for Global Warming! (I never believed in it anyway.)

To beat the heat, I've made a deal with the older children: if they get their school done before 1pm, then we will go to the lake. Adam doesn't like to go, so we didn't go today, but we've gone Monday - Wednesday. Yesterday, a friend and her charge came with us and we had a really nice time! We had a picnic and I actually put on my swimsuit to get in the water with the younger ones. We go to a particular beach were it is quite shallow for a good 100 yards out, so I'm okay with letting the older ones swim without me. It is so shallow, that if I walk out to where they have the buoys, the water is maybe up to my waist. Maybe. And I'm 5'8". Yesterday was the first time this year that both Nathaniel and Malachi got in the water. That was, of course, after I had told my friend that they would never get in the water. I'm wondering if it's because they saw the little girl that was with my friend, get into the water and love it. Either way, they both made a liar out of me! I keep forgetting to take my camera, but I'll try to get some and post them.

Little One is movin' and groovin' in there something fierce! Adam was hugging me this morning and even he could feel the little kicks! Which is saying a lot, because I'm not a small woman and there are many layers of "insulation" for a little foot to kick through. We also saw my stomach "dance" the other night, with all the movements that were going on in there. I've never felt that "out of breath" or "I can't take a deep breath" feeling, for which I'm very grateful. With the constant state of motion that I feel like I'm always in, I need to be able to breathe!

I hope you all have a good rest of the week/end! Enjoy your weather, even if it makes you site in front of a fan all day! Blessings!
~ Jennifer

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