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Week 27
~ And It Goes On and On and On

Wow! Have I been busy this week and there's still more to come! All of the children, except Grace, were sick from Friday to Monday with a fever, some threw up and all slept huge chunks of the day. I don't know what it was, but I'm glad it's done with.

I had my midwife appointment on Tuesday (I was praying that the children would all be better for that trip and they were!) in Green Bay, which is 2+ hours south of us. Little One is growing and making it very difficult to get their heart beat with all the movement! My blood pressure is good and while I'm measuring 30cm (which calculates to being three weeks larger), that is normal for me. With my last three pregnancies, I've measured 2 - 3 weeks ahead. I'm still confident that the due date is what it's supposed to be, even though the likelihood of me going before or on my due date is remote. My earliest baby was a day late, while three of them have been 8 days late and one was 12 days late. The probability that this baby will be late is very great. So don't be alarmed if you see "week 41" and "week 42" in my journal. It seems to be quite normal for me.

We decided it would be better to take Adam's car than to take the big van, for it gets much better gas mileage. We were a bit cramped, but we made it. Adam was at work, so everyone had a seat belt and we even got the two boosters and one car seat in the back, which is where the boys were. The girls and I were up front. Since we have at least four more visits to make to her house (she comes to our house for the 36 week check), we'll take his car then too. Instead of doing the standard "at 28 weeks, we'll see you twice a month, then at 36 weeks we'll see you weekly", I will see her once a month until 36 weeks. After that, I will see her for the twice a month checks. If/When I go over 40 weeks, then I'll see her weekly. She agreed to this because we live so far away and unless no problems arise, there's no real necessity to see her more than that.

We have a LONG and BUSY next few weeks ahead of us. Well, actually, the next month or so. Tomorrow (Friday), we will be traveling about five hours south to cater a wedding for 180+ people. We'll come home on Sunday night. Then come Monday, I am involved with a camp for two weeks; the first camp being for children ages 13 and up, the second week being for children ages 8 - 13. I will be in the kitchen (go figure!) and while my children will not be involved with the campers for the first week (because they are too young), they will be included as campers the second week. My brother-in-law is the camp director, which he has taken over from his father who has done it for 20+ years. This is an annual thing and while it is tiring and makes for long days (we'll be there from about 7:30am to 10:00pm), it's fun and a good way for the all the children to learn about Jesus and the Christian faith.

That's about all for this week. And while there is still much more on my schedule then what is stated above, I'll leave them for another week.

~ Jennifer

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