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Week 30
~ I'm Planning & Dreaming, But Still no Nesting

I'm very happy that last week is over with. While it was nice to be out of the house and to be of some use to others as I was at camp, it's nice to be home. The children are still recouping from the late nights and early mornings (well, I suppose I am too) and I'm slowly catching up on the laundry and the cleaning (you know, it is amazing how dirty your house can get when you're not even home!).

I sat down with the calendar and figured out what needs to be done for us to be finished with school by October 3. It's before my due date, but that's a good thing. I really want to be all done with this year's school before the baby comes and then once we are settled into a routine with the newest member of our family, we'll start the next year's worth of school. And if there are some days where we can't get the school in (like if someone is sick or we are out of the house), there will be a few days before my due date that we can catch up on it. Granted, I don't think this baby will come before the week after my due date, but you never know.

I have been dreaming more and more about this baby. Actually, to be more precise, about the birth of this baby. I know it doesn't make much sense, but I'm really looking forward to it. Not because I enjoy pain, but because the home birth that we are planning is so different and it appeals to me on so many different levels, that I'm finding myself looking more and more towards it. I know that even though we are planning a home birth doesn't mean that we absolutely will, for you never know what will happen. But just the idea that I can do this myself, without someone suggesting and almost goading me into something that doesn't need to happen, is causing me to see the birthing process in a whole new light. Not to mention that fact that we won't have to worry about where our children will be staying while we are in the hospital, we don't have to worry about being sent home, I can eat while in labor so I will have energy and I won't have a headache from lack of food, and we can start our new larger family right here in the comforts of our home. Can you tell I'm pretty excited about all this?

We ordered our birth kit stuff earlier this week, so I'm hoping it should be here by Friday or early next week. They say you should have everything in place by 36 weeks, so I'm not sweating it. I have also borrowed a birthing pool from a friend of mine, which we will need to buy liners for. She said that they always wash it out with iodine after the birth(s), but I think a liner would be more sanitary between she and I, as well as washing it out with iodine. There are some miscellaneous things that we need to get for the birth, like old towels, wash cloths, a few ugly night gowns for me (I'm not interested in being in the pool without something on, nor am I interested in ruining any of the night gowns or t-shirts I already own during the pushing stage) and a few other things.

My mother-in-law wants to be present at the birth (at least she did before we announced we are attempting a home birth. I hope she hasn't changed her mind) and I'm hoping that my father-in-law will agree to come over and take care of the children. Our bedroom is on the second story and once I'm in serious labor (ie, I want to get into the pool), I will be upstairs and I do not want the children coming upstairs until after the baby is born and I am decent again, which should be fine since they all love Grandpa. They will be downstairs where there is food, toys and beds if it is over night. If my in-laws want to, they can use the guest room (which is also downstairs) to sleep in and the children can sleep on the sofa bed (which they love to do). I haven't talked about it with my in-laws, but I'm hoping that they will agree to what I'm thinking. Having a chef for a husband, I'm not too worried about food being made. Although, of course, while I'm having the baby he won't be cooking anything. I will have things on hand that are already made and frozen or can be easily thrown together when the time arises.

I suppose this is all a bit much for only 30 weeks, but as quickly as this pregnancy has gone, 40+ weeks will be here in no time! And I'm just the type that needs to have a game plan in her head so she can rest a bit easier and not be scrambling at the last minute.

Hope you all have a good week/end! Blessings!
~ Jennifer

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