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Week 31
~ "Ouch! That hurts!" & My Life I Can't Remember

You know what is one thing that is sad about getting older in life? You can't remember on Wednesday what you did on Saturday. I'm afraid I can't blame it on "pregnancy brain" because I suffer from this ALL THE TIME! I had a well organized, well thought-out entry in my head yesterday that I was real excited to write (I know, I'm weird). But do you think I could remember even half of it when it comes time to sit and actually write it?! Of course not, for that, apparently, is asking too much. So, I'm afraid you'll have to "settle" for what has happened this week (meaning Monday until now).

At the end of camp a week or so ago, I noticed some blotches on Maacah's face. They were right under her eyes and by the middle of last week, they had gotten a bit darker red and had grown. She has very sensitive skin. In fact, she once "burned" her skin because she put body wash on her face and left it on. Her face swelled to the point that she didn't look like herself. She told us what she put on her face, which she thought was lotion, after the fact. So, I thought she had put something on it that didn't "sit well" with her skin, especially since she had been at camp and who knows what she got a hold of. By the weekend, they had started to fade, so I wasn't worried. By Monday morning, however, she came to me and told me that the blotches are all over her. Sure enough, they were on her arms, legs, chest and back. I called the doctor's office and made an appointment for that afternoon. In the mean time, I'm racking my brain to think of anything that she may have come in contact with or if she had eaten anything unusual (for I was thinking this is an allergic reaction to something). We found out upon the doctor's examination, that Maacah has lyme disease, which you get when you are bitten by an affected deer tick. Thankfully, it is in the beginning stages, so the doctor said there should be no adverse affects of the disease. She is currently on medicine and will be for the next 20 days. I tell ya, with so many bodies under one roof, if it's not one thing it another!

I saw the midwife yesterday and everything sounds/looks good. The baby's heart rate was between 138 and 150. I'm still losing weight and that makes me think even more so that it's a girl. It occurred to me last night that since January, I've lost 30 pounds and gained a baby! I think that's a good trade off! Now if I can just keep it off!! (For those of you who might be concerned, losing weight during pregnancy is very normal for me. My babies have always come out, at least weight wise, healthy and since I'm overweight anyway, the lost weight doesn't adverse affect me either.)

I mentioned to her that I'm feeling much more pressure in the pelvic area than I remember feeling with the other children. In fact, sometimes it down right hurts and it does matter what I'm doing or how I'm moving either. The only relief I have is when I lie down. She said it could be one of two things: 1.) seeing that this is my 7th pregnancy (6th one to this point), I could be feelings things much more intensely than I did before. Or 2.)it could be a bladder infection. Even though I don't have pain when I go to the bathroom, it's still possible for me to have one. Since I've had the pain all day, tomorrow I will make an appointment to see what's up. Hopefully nothing, but if it is something, I would rather catch it now than later.

Well, that's about all for me this week. Lets hope my brain will work better next week!

Blessings to everyone!
~ Jennifer

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