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Week 32
~ And We Thought We Were Done!

Thirty-two weeks translates into eight months. That means that in 10 weeks, our newest member will be here. Wow! You know, 10 weeks really isn't all that much time, especially when I think of all the stuff that will be going on (including the stuff that is still unknown!). I told my sister the other day how much I'm looking forward to the birth of this baby. Not because it means that the pregnancy will be over (although that's certainly part of it), but it's mostly because it will hopefully be so different and much more "natural" than anything I've experienced before. I've had one birth that was a c-section and four births that were medicated, monitored, probed, pushed along, and other-wise treated very scientifically. I don't believe that childbirth is a science. It's a part of life that is normal and should be looked at that way. I am by no means "bashing" OB doctors or nurses, for I've had a very good doctor for the last three children and most of the OB nurses at the hospital are wonderful ladies. There are very good reasons to have an OB doctor and to use the hospital for the place of birth. But there is a different element between a midwife and a doctor. It's not just the degree and the amount of education, either. They have a different outlook on pregnancy and birth and quite frankly, I'm finding I'm preferring the midwife's outlook more and more. We all must work within the comforts of our own boundaries and while my boundaries with the first five children didn't include a home birth, I'm certainly glad that they do now.

We set up the birth pool yesterday to see if it would fit in our room. It took some rearranging of our furniture, but it works in there now. We also filled it up to see how long it would take, how long the hot water heater would last, and if I would be comfortable enough in it. It wasn't too bad. With the help from the children, it took me about 10 minutes to pump it up and about 30 minutes to fill it up with water. Somewhere around 15 minutes I think the hot water was depleted so we might have to do it in stages. Adam suggested we could boil water on the stove and pour it in there. But that means he (or someone) would have to walk up stairs to do so, for our room is on the second floor and I'm not real comfortable with that arrangement. Our hot water heater can't be adjusted, so the water coming out is really hot (it's about 135 degrees). I don't think it will be a problem if we fill it up with 100% hot water until it runs cooler, wait awhile, then fill it up to rest of the way. Then the water has a time to cool and won't be scalding for me. I like hot water when I bathe/shower, but I really don't want to be cooked.

We received a call this morning (Thursday) requesting Adam and I to cater a wedding on October 3, which wouldn't otherwise be a bother, expect that date is one of my due dates (going by my cycle dates, the due date is October third. If you go by the ultrasound dates, it's October 7th). I don't think it will be an issue for me going into labor, for I've never had an early baby (yes, I know, every pregnancy is different. But what you've done in the past is usually what you will do now). The issue is: how much help will I be to Adam. The last few weeks before birth have always been a struggle and there is no reason to think this one will be any different. There is no way I can work as much as I did this last weekend for this upcoming wedding. But it's for less people and the reception will be about two blocks away from our house at the town hall and the building has a kitchen in it besides. It might be do-able for him to do it mostly himself. We will talk about it tonight and will be calling the lady back by tomorrow. I'm leaving the decision up to Adam, for I'll help as much as I can, but the majority of the work will most likely fall on his shoulders. It's a bit funny since we were saying to each other once we were done on Saturday, "Well, at least we don't have anymore weddings to do." Famous last words!

That's about it for me this week. You all have a great week/end!

~ Jennifer

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