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Week 36
~ Is it too early to start the count down yet?

We had a real nice weekend. We went to a camp that is about an hour south of us and we had a great time with friends we haven't seen for some time, spending quality time with each other. The theme for the weekend was "Clay in the Potter's Hands" and it was a joyful time learning more about what it means to be clay in the Lord's hands. While it is a camp, trailers and tents are not allowed since there are many cabins available. I am just fine with that, for the thought of lying on the ground and not having a bathroom near by doesn't appeal to me at the moment!

As I said last week, our midwife came and I think she was pleasantly surprised that we are as ready for the birth as we are. For a first time home birth, I got the feeling that this is not normal. But I am like that. I need to plan and get things in order before hand. Especially for something like this, for you don't know when labor will start, where you will be and what will be going on. The way I see it, if I'm prepared before I absolutely need to be, then I'm not freaking out come the time that those things need to be in order and done. I bought a mattress bag for our bed and I think I'm going to make it up this week. My midwife suggested (which I was going to do anyway) that we put a fresh set of sheets on the bed, followed by the mattress bag, then covered by another set of sheets. This way, if my water breaks early our mattress is protected (even though my water has never broken at the beginning of labor, but you never know...) and I also don't have to wrestle the mattress into that bag all the while I'm having contractions. I'll have enough to do with moving our bedroom furniture out of the way for the pool, inflating the pool, laying everything out that we will possibly need, and other things that I will think I need to do.

I know this sounds a bit funny at just 36 weeks, but I think Little One has dropped. Why do I think this? I can carry Nathaniel a bit easier, I can lie on my back and still be able to breathe (if only for a short time. A few days ago I couldn't even do that for longer than 10 seconds.), and the pressure in my pelvic area is amazing. I'm not sure if this means anything or not, I just think it's interesting. The not-so-lovable braxton hicks are increasing in regularity and strength. I honestly don't remember having them this early, for I've been having them and noticing them for about three weeks now.

It's exciting to know that in less then six weeks we will be holding our newest member of our family. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! It's almost been too quick for there are so many more things that I want to get done before their arrival, but I'm not sure I'm going to get to them all. Oh well. I guess I'd rather still have things to cross off my "to do list," which in the long run will continue to keep me busy all the way up to "the day," as apposed to finishing everything and needing something to keep my attention. Oh, wait. I already have those "somethings." I have five of them and they sure do a good job at keeping my attention! This way, I'm hopeful I will not be counting down the days when I very possibly have 5+ weeks left.

Blessings this week/end!
~ Jennifer

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