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Week 39
~ It Must Be in the Air

JenniferIt's in the air. That's the only thing I can think of. Any of you with slightly older children than toddlers probably understand what I'm referring to. It's the fighting, the bickering, the constant tattling on each other. The things is, it seems to be only effecting my two eldest. The younger ones are fine, with Isaac slightly in both camps. But the girls are being just awful! The eldest one doesn't seem to be able to talk without yelling and making sure us adults know what the younger has done wrong. And the younger one never seems to talk without whining and she cries at the drop of a hat. They usually get along very well, but recently they have been worse than cats and dogs.

Well, I'm sure you all can guess that last week's "whatever" they were, didn't produce a baby. I'm still here. Technically speaking, I still would be here. Just because someone has a baby doesn't mean they suddenly disappear. But since that seems to be the most common question for late-term pregnancy ladies, "Are you still here?", that is what I'm referring to. I'm not sure what caused all those contractions, if they were indeed contractions, but they stopped on Saturday and everything is "back to normal" (if there is such a thing in this house!). So I'm back to the waiting game. I wake up each morning and tell myself "I can make it x amount of days. I really can." That's what I'm telling everyone else as well. In reality, I say it that often more to convince myself than other people!

School is still going, and we should be done with reading for both girls by the end of next week. Grace's Language Arts will be a bit longer, while Maacah will not be done with her's until the end of October. I was hoping to be all done before this baby is born. But since this child will be born before the end of October, it's not going to happen. And I'm okay with that.

NathanielI have included a "belly picture" to document how big I am. I suppose the picture doesn't show how big I am in real life, but it's a good indication. I am much bigger with this one than with all the other ones. If I were to guess, I think this baby will be close to 9 lbs. We shall see. I have also included a picture of Nathaniel, who was found sleeping on top of the counter. And in case you were wondering, yes those are onion peels around his feet. He had apparently gotten into the compost bucket before taking his siesta. I was taking a nap and Daddy was in charge. Can you tell?

Blessings to all this week/end!
~ Jennifer

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