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Weeks 41 & 42
~ I was hoping to not have to write this

I'm sorry I haven't written in a few weeks. I was truly hoping to write a baby story by now. But that's not the case. So here I am, looking at 43 weeks along, still writing a pregnancy journal. I also haven't been in the greatest frame of mind to write much on anything positive, either. Before synthetic drugs were available to induce labor, it was far more common for women to go into their 42nd or 43rd week than it was for them to have the babies in their 40th week or earlier. But, because inducement is so common now, the figures have reversed. Not to mention that the due date formula that the doctors use today is based on the findings of a doctor from the 1850's. Dr. Naegele based his formula on a woman's cycle being 28 days and ovulation occurring on the 14th day. Obviously, we all don't have cycles like that, so it's really not all that accurate. I'm a prime example. Even though I have never gone this long, I suppose the saying is true: "there is a first time for everything".

Adam has been on vacation since October 14 and it has been so wonderful having him home! He is due to go back to work on November 2. With Nathaniel, he was born three days before Adam was to go back to work (he was due over the Christmas holiday, so Adam had to take vacation because of scheduling). With all the problems that Nathaniel had, it was so hard for me! I was getting concerned that this baby would do the same thing, but Adam assured me that if the baby is not born by Monday, he would take another week off. With the FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act), an employee can take up to 6 weeks of leave and still have their job. It may not be paid leave, but at least you can legally take it and your employer can't legally replace you. Even after this last week, Adam still has over 100 hours of PTO and with this company, they roll over sick leave from year to year. So he also has two weeks of paid sick leave on top of the 100+ hours of PTO. I was much comforted with that information!

We are in the middle of converting one of the rooms in our house into a professional kitchen for our catering business. Adam has been working on that project, along with other things around the house. We are hoping to travel down to Milwaukee (we live in northern Wisconsin) this Tuesday to participate in a restaurant supply auction. It was a grocery store that went out of business and the auction company has everything that will be auctioned on-line for people to see. There are many things there that if the price is right (meaning cheap!), we can pick up several things that we need for our kitchen. But we will have to see about this baby. If the baby doesn't come by tomorrow (Saturday) but it does come before Tuesday, we won't be going. But if I'm still toting around this child by Tuesday, we'll go.

Adam assures me that I won't be pregnant forever and since we have five children already, I suppose he's right. But I will admit there are moments that I seriously doubt this! I feel like the rabbit with the proverbial carrot dangling in front of its nose. It is always reaching for it, but it never come into its grasp. Someone told me recently that the baby will come tomorrow. Never mind that tomorrow never actually comes!

Well, that's about it for me. I hope you all have a good weekend!

~ Jennifer

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