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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal
family StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Jennifer's pregnancy journal.

Jennifer (31) and her husband, Adam, have been married ten years. They are the proud parents of three girls and three boys. The entire family wass very excited to be expecting their seventh baby! Caleb Davids was born 2 days overdue on August 13, 2011, weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz.

Join Jennifer as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.

Jennifer's Journal Entries

Meet Jennifer

Week 6
Oh the Things Life Brings!

Week 6 (again)
Take Two

Week 7
The year 2011...where did 2010 go?

Week 8
The New Year

Week 9
Thankfully, this week is over!

Week 10
Am I or Am I Not?

Week 11
The Sun Is Shining (even on an overcast day)!

Week 12
Well THAT Was Long!

Week 13
Now What?

Week 14
Thinking of the Past

Week 15
Double Digits & a Maternity Survey

Week 16
My Brain Will not Shift Gears!

Week 17
A New & Older Marriage with a baby Wish List

Week 18
The Snowball Effect

Weeks 19 & 20
Changing. Always Changing.

Week 21
So What Would You Choose?

Week 22
Sometimes, the Busyness Helps

Week 23
Working and flying and quilting, oh my!

Weeks 24 & 25
Run Around the Run Around!

Week 26
Yes Sir! Spring Has Sprung!

Week 27
Are We There Yet?

Week 28
The Third Trimester

Weeks 29 & 30
It's Good to be Home & Bittersweet

Week 31
Camp, Camp, and Camp Again

Week 32

Week 33
I Think I'd Rather be in Labor

Weeks 34 & 35

Week 36
Another Week Down, 6 More to Go

Week 37
Oh, the Busyness of Life!

Week 38

Week 39
Good News All Around!!

Week 40
Birth Story!

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