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~ Meet Jennifer

familyHello! My name is Jennifer and I am 31. I have been married to my husband, Adam, for 10 1/2 years, and we have six lively children! We have three girls and three boys: Maacah is 9 1/2, Grace is 7 1/2, Isaac is 6, Malachi is 4 1/2, Nathaniel is 3, and Damaris is 1 (she was also a StorkNet baby!). We are all very excited about, and looking forward to, adding another precious baby to our family, making us a family of nine! Our baby is due around August 4, 2011, but I have averaged going eight days over my due dates so I'm expecting this baby to come sometime mid August.

My husband and I started our own catering business in April 2010 and as of December 16, 2010 he is "quitting his day job" to work from home. We have the contract for the "meals on wheels" elderly feeding program for our county for the 2011 year, so that will be steady income. I am so excited to have my husband work from home! This is has been something we've prayed about for our whole marriage (and even before we were married) and it's so amazing to finally seeing it come true! There will be a lot of changes to work through, of course, but if a family can have its own business to teach your children with and in, I think it's a wonderful opportunity.

I am a stay-at-home mom and I homeschool the eldest three. They are in third, second, and first grades ~ along with a 4 1/2 year old, 3 year old, and a toddler. My days are anything but dull! While homeschooling has its difficulties (and days when it feels like you're beating your head against a wall!), I find it very worthwhile. As a parent, I want to be in control over what my children learn, when they learn it, and in what environment they learn it in. I graduated from public school and while I had a good education, I am glad that my husband and I have other options for our children. We live in Wisconsin and this state has very liberal guidelines and regulations about homeschooling, for which I'm grateful. Because it is liberal, there are many organizations that support homeschooling that we can be a part of and those are really good resources as well.

I have always loved children and I am so excited about this little one! I know that there are no guarantees in life and that the Lord has complete control over everything. Whatever happens to us, we are in His hands. I am very grateful that He has blessed us with the six beautiful children we have and if all goes well, in about nine months we will receive another beautiful blessing. Thank you for taking this trip with me! I hope that as I share things about our life, our days, and this pregnancy (with all that it will entail), I can encourage someone else.


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