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Week 10
~ Am I or Am I Not?

Our job with the County is going well and it is really nice to have Adam home during the day. We have decided that with our tax return(s), we will buy a mini van and an enclosed trailer. His car works okay with all the hot boxes and food that he needs to take, but it's cumbersome. A mini van would work much better. And we've wanted an enclosed trailer for some time now, for that will make transporting food to catering events much easier and more efficient than taking our 15 passenger van (which also happens to be our family vehicle).

Even though things are going better with school with our new schedule, I'm still having trouble finishing out the week. Monday - Wednesday goes real well, all the work gets done and we are reasonably on schedule. When Thursday and Friday come around, for whatever reason, things just fall apart and stuff doesn't get done. It's something I'm trying hard to fix. Much of the reason is by the end of the week, I'm so tired that I get lazy about things. Which I know I shouldn't be. Needless to say, it's constantly on my "to do list".

This has been, by far, my roughest pregnancy! I know that I have nothing really to complain about, especially when considering how many other women have difficulties and the extent of those difficulties. I know I have many reasons to be thankful, and I am. But sometimes you just need to vent and yes, even mothers need to whine sometimes! (Just don't do it in front of your children. That would NOT be a good idea. )

  • I'm only 10 weeks along, yet I can't see my feet. Women like me don't get "baby bumps". I'm overweight to begin with and so any room the baby is taking up at this point, doesn't show. But I look pregnant. With my uterus only being the size of a grapefruit, I don't know why I do, but I do. I know that in subsequent pregnancies, getting larger earlier is very common. And, in fact, I have experience that with the other pregnancies. But none of them were this soon! Malachi and Nathaniel were closer together than Damaris and this baby, so I can't blame it on that.

  • I have mentioned before how bad my back has been bothering me. I finally gave in and went to see the Chiropractor this last week. It did help, so I will go back and see him twice this coming week. I'm accustomed to my back hurting, especially during pregnancy. But again, this is really early for me to be having problems. Eighteen weeks, 20 weeks along; yeah, that makes sense. But 10 weeks?

  • I've been feeling "growing pains" quite a bit lately. Really bad, too. You know, where it feels like your muscles are stretching (because they are) and you become quite tender. It's something that you experience when the baby gets much bigger and there is less room in there...
Do you see a theme going on here? All of these things are too early to be feeling (at least I think so). It doesn't make sense to me. I know I'm not farther along than 10 weeks, for I've already had an ultrasound. Plus, I am for sure about my cycle dates. Yet, all these things are too early to be feeling/showing/having only being 10 weeks along. I've told this to my mother-in-law and she is convinced that I'm having twins. She has been praying for twins since she was 16 years old, so this is a long standing desire of hers. I'm getting to the point where I'm hoping that it is twins, for that will explain why all these things are going on for being so early. Besides, the alternative is not something I'm ready to embrace.

Craziness is not something one wants to boast about!

Blessings this week!

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