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Week 11
~ The Sun Is Shining (even on an overcast day)!

ice sculptureWe had more good days this week than bad, which is nice for a change. We took the children up north to a nearby town that has an ice castle. The fire department has been making these castles each winter since the late 1920's and they cut each block of ice out of the lake. Then they put them together to make a castle, and the design changes each year. You never know what you'll see in the ice! Attached is a picture of the children sitting on the giant bench (made out of ice, of course) in front of the castle. It was quite cold out that day, so we didn't stay that long and, as you can see, Damaris isn't happy about it!

I saw the chiropractor two more times (and will again this week) and that is helping a lot. I'm not waking up with as much back pain in the mornings. The pain in not totally gone, but it's far more manageable than it was. I also saw my OB this week. Finally!! The heart beat is nice and strong, and was surprisingly easy to find. Usually my babies seem to know when they are being spied upon and they try to hide! Dr. B said that I'm measuring a bit large for 10 1/2 weeks (which is when I saw her), but that is usual for me. I've measured two to three weeks larger since I was pregnant with Isaac, who is number 3. So that's not a big deal. I'm a bit strange, I'll admit, but I found this to be funny: As I was going over a few things with the nurse, she asked if there were any alerts that the doctor needed to know. I said, "No. But she's been my doctor for the last four babies, so she knows me anyway." "Yeah," the nurse replied. "She knew your history just by looking at your name." I suppose it's good to have doctors that know you!

Now that I'm feeling better, I've started to get up early like I was before, and it feels good. Getting a head start on the day before everyone is awake is really helpful. As I was sitting on the couch this morning, I was holding Damaris on my lap and we were snuggling. I thought to myself that it's a shame she won't remember times like these; her sitting on my lap, leaning against my shoulder, quite content. But then an even sadder thought came to me: chances are, neither will I. Oh sure, I'll remember that those moments happened, just as I know that they did with my older children. But I won't remember how she felt all snuggled up against me, safe and warm. I won't remember the smell of her hair or how her eyes sparkled as she leaned back to look at me, thinking that angle was so funny. I know I had those moments with all of my children, but I don't remember the details. And this makes me sad.

I suppose those are the reasons we keep journals, aren't they? So when we do forget, for we will, we have a place to go to to remind us of those details. I'm not a scrapbook-er, someone who keeps diaries/journals, or someone who takes TONS of pictures. (I'm the person who is good at remembering to take her camera. But then forgets to take any pictures!) But I do have a blog that I try and write in regularly about the things that go on around here. And I strive to keep their baby books up. Hopefully, that all counts for something.

Take care this week! Blessings to all!

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