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Week 12
~ Well THAT Was Long!

I haven't had three months be this long since my first pregnancy! Sheesh!!

We had a lot of traveling this week, along with some big purchases. We are very careful with our money, seeing that we are one income and we started a new business. Thankfully, Adam is very good with money (while I am not! That makes for an interesting situation sometimes). But we have prayed about these things and, since we came across these good deals, we decided to make them right now. We traveled on Thursday to Green Bay, which is two hours south of us, to buy a 6x12 enclosed trailer. We have needed this for some time with the catering business, especially when doing a wedding for 250 + people! Then on Saturday, we traveled to the Minneapolis, MN area (which is four hours west of us) to pick up a walk-in-freezer. We have a two door, reach in freezer, but we don't have enough room in it for everything we need. Thankfully, it is as cold outside as it is in a freezer, so we have some cases of food out there right now. But soon enough, we won't have that option. When we came across this walk-in-freezer on Craigslist, we went for it. We are hoping to be able to take out one of the windows on the far wall of the commercial kitchen, enlarge it the size of the doorway of the freezer, so that we can have access to the freezer from the inside (while having the body of the freezer outside).

Today, we have two doctor appointments in the next town, about 40 minutes away. While I'm in the office, Adam will take the other four children and go to various shopping places to get the things we need. We have Bible study tonight at 6 pm that Adam is leading. That only gives us four hours to finish the appointments, get our shopping done, have something for supper, and go 35 minutes in the opposite direction for the Bible study! Whew!! I'm tired just thinking about it! That's not to mention all the school and laundry that needs to be done. Sigh.

On the baby front, I'm just baffled at some of the things I'm feeling. Starting last Thursday or Friday, I've been having quite the "growing pains" in my abdomen. I have also been feeling pressure in my pelvic area that I don't remember feeling until about 20 weeks or so. I have this pressure whenever I stand for 10 minutes or longer. Weird! I'm also feeling movement. Not all the time, but every now and then I feel a flutter. It seems to me that I've been feeling movement for a few weeks now, but since I think it's too soon for that, I think I must be imagining it. I still can't eat as much as I usually do, although that's not a bad thing.

I know that I'm sounding like a broken record, but I just can't get past how different this pregnancy is from my other ones! If it turns out to be a single baby in there, I'm going to be more shocked than ever before!! For if this is indeed a multiple pregnancy, it would explain so much. Of course, I'm really running the risk of sounding totally loony with having no basis for thinking this way, except for a really strange pregnancy. That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes, I suppose.

Well, that's it for me this week. I pray you all are having more good days than bad days. Blessings!

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