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Week 15
~ Double Digits & a Maternity Survey

Maacah's birthday was yesterday. She turned 10! How is it possible that she is in the double digits already?! WOW! We have a tradition to go swimming on the child's birthday, so we headed down to the Antigo Aquatic Center and had a blast! It has two pools, 1 in each room. One pool is a lap pool and goes from 4.3 feet to 12.3 feet with a diving board. The other pool, where we spent out time, goes from 0 feet to 4.5 feet, with a very gradual grade (like you would find at the beach). That end had fountains, "rain" coming down from pipes, fountains coming up from the floor . . . the littles had so much fun! At the other end of the pool, off to the side, was a large twirly water slide! The older children went down this time after time after time. The old parents were found also going down a time or two. For her birthday, I made her a butterfly wall quilt, the first time I have done free motion quilting (also called "stippling") and applique on a quilt. I actually finished it on time! Yay!! Attached are two photos of it.

I'm not one to be a copy cat. In fact, I usually walk to the beat of my own drum. Or at least to the noise that one of my offspring is making (if I'm not trying to ignore it that is). But I have seen this little "maternity" survey and I thought I'd give it a try.

~ How far along: 15 weeks. Perhaps it's because I was sick for most of it so far, but this pregnancy is practically crawling!

~ Total weight gain: Three pounds. Which is a change for me, since I've historically lose an average of 25 pounds by the third trimester. This go round, I've gained and lost the same three pounds. I guess I'm currently on the "gain" side of this round.

~ Maternity clothes: No. I got tired of having two sets of clothes in my closet. With me making most of my clothes and every 15 months or so being pregnant, it became a real waste of time and money once my old maternity dresses needed to be replaced. So I designed my own dress pattern (I only wear dresses and jumpers) that would work for both pregnancy (having a hidden draw string waist makes this possible) and post-pregnancy.

~ Stretch marks: Not yet. I don't know if I will, for I've done this a few times and my skin/muscles are a bit stretched out, which is when and why stretch marks are formed.

~ Sleep: I haven't had a good night sleep in . . . hmm, I can't remember the last time I did. Perhaps before Damaris was born? Or maybe after she was born and I simply passed out . . . at either rate, I'm not expecting one in the near future.

~ Best moment this week: I saw my doc and heard the heartbeat! That is such a wonderful little sound, isn't it?

~ Movement: Yep. Plus my stomach occasionally wiggles along with the movement. I asked my doc if this was possible at this stage or if I'm just crazy. She responded that she's known me for awhile and can attest that I am not crazy (except for the seven kids part ) and that with this many babies, you can indeed not only feel but see the movement. This is due to the muscles and skin not being as tight as they are with earlier pregnancies.

~ Gender: A girl. Not because we have "found out," but because Adam has known what each child was before having any ultrasounds. And he has been right each time ~ even when the ultrasound said otherwise. He says it's a girl and with his average of 6-0, I believe him.

Demaris with Maacah's quilt~ Food cravings: Black licorice. Really. Bad. It's a good thing that it's cheap at the dollar store. It's a bad thing that the dollar store is 40 minutes away. If you love me, send me a care package of black licorice!

~ What I'm looking forward to: The birth of this child. Seriously. I can't wait! That and warmer weather.

~ Belly button in or out: In. I'm too "fluffy" of a woman for an outie.

~ Milestone: The nausea has pretty much disappeared and heart burn has set in. Yay.

~ Weekly Wisdom: If you have children, take any moments you can to interact with them: read them a book, do a puzzle, take a walk, make something in the kitchen together . . . whatever it is. Do it. You will never be sorry. (This is a work in progress with yours truly) If you don't have children, don't expect nor seek out "me time" once your baby comes. That's not important nor is it the thing that will bring you real joy. That's not to say taking a walk by yourself or sipping a cup of coffee alone or curling up to read a chapter or two of a book is a bad thing. It is needed sometimes. And I stress sometimes. The current idea that we need "me time" is a lie and it is damaging to your family. Don't buy it. Don't swallow it. The idea of "me time" just opens the door to being discontent in this season of your life and breeds the desire for more. Invest in your family with time, energy, thoughts, and prayers. It will make more of a difference than that pedicure you may want to have.

Well, that's it for me this week. Blessings!

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