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Week 17
~ A New & Older Marriage with a baby Wish List

This week Adam and I celebrated our 11th year of marriage. I have heard that the hardest years on a marriage are the 1st, 7th, and 11th year. I don't know if this is true or more of a wives tale, but in all honesty, we have never had a "hard year", whether during those years or other ones. It occurred to me the other day as to maybe why: for each of those years, (1st, 7th, 11th) I was pregnant during most of the year. I got pregnant three months into our marriage and Maacah was born two weeks before our first anniversary. In our seventh year, I was pregnant with Nathaniel for the last eight months of that year. And now, I am pregnant with this little one for the first eight months of it. So there you go, my sage advice: be pregnant during those supposed rough years and you'll be fine! (I am totally kidding, by the way.)

We went to a very nice wedding on Saturday, March 5. We go to a lot of weddings, but this one was extra special because they are sweet friends and we actually got to go as guests! The groom's family come from the Mennonite church, which believe (as we do) that children are a blessing from God and don't use any types of birth control. So there were many children there (the groom is also the baby of nine children) for our children to play with. When it was time to leave, I saw that Maacah was quite upset. I asked her why and she said that she didn't want to leave Steven. I saw her give him a hug (keep in mind that this is the girl who has no use for "romantic" things or ideas. She had also just met this boy). I was very proud of myself for not laughing at her tears, for I think that wouldn't have gone over well. It's not that I'm insensitive to her feelings, it's just that . . . well, coming from her it was funny. At 10 years old, just fresh being so, she has her first crush! (I might add that the boy was actually a nice looking boy, taking after his father, and a nephew to our friend the groom.)

I made a simple "baby wish list" this week. I don't buy into all that "baby must haves" since I've gotten this far without much of it! But I thought, since it has been since Maacah that we've had any new baby gear (aside from car seats and strollers), it was time to perhaps think of some new stuff. (Now that I think of it, we did buy a used wooden high chair a few years ago and when Damaris was a small baby, my father bought us a walker for her).

1. A play pen. We still have the one from when Maacah was born and it works fine. Except we lost the bassinet pieces long ago and the material is getting quite worn around the edges. It still works for a toddler, but not for a newborn. For Damaris, I used a bassinet on the ground floor which worked nicely when she fell asleep. That is until her brothers found that it had wheels. Then it wasn't so great when they would push her around, at any given moment, in any given direction. I don't want to make that mistake again. I have used another bassinet for in our room (since Isaac was born), which I might still use. It has a strap that goes under our mattress so the bassinet can't move away and it also has a piece of the side structure that can be removed to be the same height as the bed. I like this, but there is no room for that and my table (which holds the lamp, clock, diapers, and wipes). If I had a play pen with a bassinet and diaper stacker this would solve that problem. I'll put a smaller table for my lamp and clock, move the bedside table out of the way and put this play pen there. But I suppose I can do that and still use the bassinet upstairs (since it's worked for four children, however inconvenient it can be), which would leave the play pen for downstairs and that would get more use out of it. Either way, I think this would be a helpful item to have. (BTW, I obviously am totally out of the loop with baby things! Most of the play pens were completely outrageously priced! Goodness!!)

2. A Moby wrap. I tried to make one of these on my own, but it didn't work out too well. The fabric was too stretchy and the baby kept sagging. Not really a good thing. I don't care too much about the color, except not a definite "girly" color, such as the lilac or the natural color. Adam wouldn't like me to put his son in a lilac holder (but blue is okay for a girl?) and can you imagine how quickly something natural colored would get dirty around here?!

3. A travel/table top swing. We had a regular sized swing but after 8 1/2 years and five children, it finally broke. We borrowed one for Damaris, but we just don't have the room for a regular sized swing. All of our children LOVED the swing, so it is a must have (watch this little one make a liar out of me!). We were constantly tripping over the swing or moving it around. With as many bodies, toys, furniture, and junk that we have in this house, a small travel swing would be a much better use of money and space. Our old one had a tray and toys on it, but no one ever played or needed them.

4. A infant-toddler rocking chair. This is to take the place of a bouncer (another thing we no longer have but all the children liked). It was my mistake. I was cleaning out the garage and thought I had picked up the old, mildew-y cover to the old bouncer, which is why we had a new bouncer, and took it out to the garbage man. It wasn't. It was the old frame with the new cover (when a baby item is not being used, the cover gets washed and then put in a bag tapped to the frame of the item. I made the mistake of not looking into the bag before throwing it away.). So that left me with the old cover and new frame, which would not work. Hence, we have no bouncer. Someone gave us a chair like this for Nathaniel and he, then Damaris, LOVED it! But it has since been broken and I would like to replace it. Not necessarily for the new little one, but certainly for Damaris now and when this little one gets bigger.

5. A VIVA! nursing pillow. This is a total want, not a "must have". I've nursed six babies without a special pillow, but I have wanted one for some time now. I have looked at the Boppy pillow, but most reviewers said that it was not a good nursing pillow. So I came across one that is inflatable so that the pillow part is more firm, it has an inflatable back to help support you, the pillow is made of vinyl which is washable, a cover which can be thrown into the wash, and it can go from a 22" circumference to a 44" circumference. It talks about deflating it for travel, but I don't think I will be traveling with it, for I don't travel much. But still, I think it would be nice to have here at home.

So that is my wish list. Nothing flashy, nothing exciting. Just things that are not necessary, but would make living with a newborn a bit easier.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm supper ready for some Spring around here! I hope this all finds you well. Blessings this week!


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