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Week 18
~ The Snowball Effect

Adam's birthday is this week. He'll be 32 and the children are all excited about it! They all love birthdays, and it makes it even more special that it's Daddy's birthday! We have some catering functions in the next month, which is nice considering the quiet winter we've had. Don't get me wrong, we needed the quiet winter to get in the "groove" of doing the elderly meal. But it is nice to have these extra events, too.

Have you ever been in the situation where you want to get a job done, but then you think that something else needs to be done first? That's where I am with the girls' room. About four years ago, we completely gutted the upstairs, even down to the floor joists. We leveled the floor joist, put in insulation, new maple flooring, sheet rock, new light fixtures, painted . . . the whole works! (Our house is 100 years old and it still had the old insulation in the walls, lead paint on the walls, plaster and lath behind said lead paint, and the floor joists were going parallel with each other, just to name a few of the issues!) I painted the girls' room half with the same yellow that is upstairs and the lower half with a dark pink that matched with a border my mother purchased. In those four years, the border has been ripped and drawn on to such an extent, that I got tired of looking at it. So we peeled it off with the intent of painting over the pink with the yellow. My plan is to buy some of those wall stickers so the girls can put those on, but if they get tired of them in a few years, there's no repainting that needs to be done to change the "décor". You simply take the stickers off the wall and go on your merry way!

Of course, all that thinking led me to see that the hallway needs to be touched up and since I would have the paint out anyway, I might as well touch up those spots. And then that train of thought led to thinking that I want the boys' room in the same yellow (we already have the paint, so why buy more? The yellow is very light and versatile and will go with anything.). So, since I would have the paint out anyway . . . I'm sure you can see where this is going. Which is why the girls' room hasn't been touched in a few weeks! I hate starting a job and not finishing it right away, but I seriously don't have the energy for all this. My thoughts have also been wanting to redo the downstairs bathroom. It has the vinyl wallboard (that you find in manufactured homes) that I really dislike. That won't be too big of a job, just taking the strips off, taping and mudding those cracks, (did I mention that there is a large-ish hole in the girls' wall, courtesy of a little brother and hammer that needs to be patched?) and then painting it. But still, it's the energy that is needed to do this work that I'm lacking, not the desire or ideas. I also want to repaint the upstairs bathroom (it is a robin's egg blue that I'm getting rather tired of). Sigh I'm not even touching on the things that actually need to get done around here: like the porch needs to be sanded and repainted in the worst way and the dining room and kitchen floors need to be sanded and varnished desperately.

Oh yeah, and I'm expecting my seventh child! I'm still not sleeping well, my back is hurting even with me going to the chiropractor, my fibromyalgia is really kicking me to the curb, there are days that I can't seem to put two words together with this foggy brain of mine, this pregnancy feels like it's at a stand still (even though I know it's not), and I need far more energy to keep up with the basics than I currently have. So how in the world am I going to accomplish all of these things that I want to do? Reality is: I'm probably not. And you have no idea how much that bothers me!!

Well, I suppose that's enough complaining for me. This last week did go quite well, for the most part, and I just keep telling myself, "Each day is closer to to B-Day for the baby."

Blessings this week!

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