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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 19 & 20
~ Changing. Always Changing.

Sorry this is late. I remembered to write my week 19 entry yesterday (Tuesday), but I thought that I would wait since I had an ultrasound appointment today. I figured what is the point to write it before I had any news. Unfortunately, we got a huge amount of snow last night/this morning (and it's still coming this afternoon! So far, it's about 14") and the appointment was re-scheduled for next Wednesday. We live in a small town and the OB doctor comes in to town only on Wednesdays. I could have gotten an appointment at the hospital/clinic in the nearest large town, but those times were when Adam was not available to watch the kiddos (which is very needed!). So, I'll wait another week. Which I am very disappointed about! I'm not feeling the baby move like I think I should at this time, so I was looking forward to the ultrasound not only to see him/her, but to get reassurance everything was okay as well. I do feel movement, but it's very faint and not very often. I thought that with having six children before, my uterus and muscles would be stretched out enough that movement would be easier to feel sooner. Of course, it could be because of where the placenta is. *sigh* I guess I need some more practice at patience.

After much thought, we have decided to go back to cloth diapers. We bought Mother Ease diapers when we were expecting Maacah (that's 10 years ago!) and we used them 100% with her. But she had the most horrible diaper rash once she started solids, sometimes they would even bleed. I felt just awful for her! So when Grace came along, we only used them until she was about 1 or so. It was the same with Isaac. After that, I decided that it was just too much with the laundry part and I didn't want to do it anymore ~ not to mention the fact that I really didn't want to in the first place. It was more Adam then me. That played a BIG part in it, too.

We still have the original diapers, even though 50% of them are getting thread bare, but no covers. (We had sewage back up into our basement last Spring, up to 4" deep, and those were on the floor in a plastic bag. I decided to toss them instead of trying to save them. Now I'm sorry I did that.) I've tried it once or twice with the other children, but it didn't "stick". What brought me back it to is was the thought of the ever rising cost of the things we need to buy and the different ways that I, as a steward of God's money, can stretch each dollar and "make do or do without". Using cloth diapers, with a minimal cost of buying the covers (thanks to e-bay!), would help with that grocery bill. When we travel to far away places, which isn't very often, we'll use disposable diapers. But while we're around home, cloth diapers will work just fine.

This also got me thinking of the things I would like to do differently with cleaning and storing the cloth diapers than I did before. So I was looking around for different diaper pails that lock (I have just used a bucket in the past) and came across this diaper pail bag that is similar to a laundry bag, only it has a waterproof lining in it for wet diapers. Always one to try and make my own stuff and using what I have on hand, I thought "Hey! I could totally make that!" So I did. We have Cordura fabric (it's the type of material that they use to make tents, backpacks, tarps for semi trucks, etc.) and with it being water proof, I didn't need a liner. It works great! It is hanging under the shelf in the washroom and it's super easy to use. We are also going to put a hose (like the kind you use at the kitchen sink) into the utility sink in the washroom to help rinse off the diapers. I DO NOT want to wash out any more diapers into the toilet! Ew! Besides, my "changing table" is the dryer in the washroom and not in the bathroom, so walking a dirty diaper into the bathroom just to take it back to the washroom is a bit silly.

Well, I think that's all for this week. Er, I mean these two weeks. This pregnancy is still dragging, but I'm trying to keep myself busy.

Until next week, when I hopefully will have that ultrasound done, I hope you all have a good week. And if you are fortunate enough to live where you can actually see the grass, let alone it being green, enjoy it!


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