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Week 23
~ Working and flying and quilting, oh my!

This week went well. It looks like I'm getting over the "sick once a week" thing that plagued me for the last four months. I'm getting things done that have bothered me for quite some time, due to be not having the energy to do even the basics. I'm certainly not nesting, a normal occurrence in many pregnant ladies except yours truly. In all my pregnancies, I didn't go through the "nesting stage" near the end, but I seem to always do it in stages. A little here, a little there ... it works for me. I'm certainly taking advantage of the energy spurts that I'm having. This last week I got all of the children's clothes switched out for the next season, I cleaned off the front porch (no easy task, I tell you!), we cleaned up the yard, I'm all caught up on the laundry (I do, on average, 18 loads a week. So you can imagine how behind I was!), and I'm mentally "awake" during school with the children enough that I think we'll actually end on time!

I have mentioned before that in February, my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. The chemo was causing some real problems, both mentally and physically. So the doctors stopped giving it to him and they put a shunt in the base of his skull to alleviate pressure that was in his brain. He is doing much better now, which is a relief. It was looking very grim there for awhile. We were looking to make a trip out to VA this summer as a family, but I don't think it would be a good idea right now. He's not "all there" yet, having troubles remembering his children's names. That's not a time to be introducing new grandchildren to him (we haven't seen him since Isaac was eight months old, so he has never met Malachi, Nathaniel or Damaris). It has been decided that Damaris and I will be flying out Memorial weekend to visit him. It's going to be weird taking care of only one child for a few days and I'm a bit nervous on how she will be in the plane. We have two layovers, each over an hour long, so I'm hoping that will help to get her to walk/run around. She doesn't sit on my lap for very long, so that is my biggest concern. I have selected window seats all the way; here's hoping I actually get those seats. We have a little over a month before we leave, so I think I'm going to "practice" holding her on my lap to try and get her used to it. Perhaps then it won't be so strange and such a struggle to keep her content.

I think I'm getting myself into trouble with my ideas (at least that's what my husband says ). I LOVE to create things by sewing. Baby quilts, wall hanging, table runners, fabric ornaments, baby toys, fabric boxes, . . . just about anything to do with delicious fabric! I do like to make clothing as well, but that's more of a necessity than a hobby. I have been toying with the idea to have an outlet of some sort to not only have a reason to make things, but to sell them as well. Not to make a large profit or anything. I'm not looking to make this a full time business, for I already have three of those: motherhood, teaching, and catering. Just something to make enough off of to fund the next project. But I'm at a loss as to the avenue to sell them. I've thought of Etsy, but it is so busy as it is, plus the high costs if you sell something, that I can't think of anything that would set me apart from anyone else. It's the same thing with eBay, although that has a much larger customer base. I have thought of making a web site, stating the things I have for sale, but I'm unsure of how to advertise that I'm even there. I do have a blog, but I don't have much traffic with it, so I'm not sure that would be a good avenue. I've thought of having a facebook page, which we have for our catering business. But I'm not interested in paying for an ad, so it would be word of mouth only. There are two craft fairs that we have here in town during the summer that I have thought about having a tent/booth in. I could sell my wares there. I'm just unsure if I can make enough to keep making more. My idea is to use the time in a whole year, make things throughout that year, and sell them at these fairs. But at $50 for a space (each fair), could I really make enough to fund the next year's worth of projects? I wouldn't have the tent area packed or anything, maybe have 7 - 10 different products with 3-6 items under each product. I'm also not interested in making things to order nor making large quilts (a twin is the largest I really want to do, although I've done larger ones). I already have several quilt designs and different craft ideas in my head that are just dying to be made! If this is something I decide to do, I wouldn't do anything this year. I'd use the next year to build up my stock. I suppose the only way I'm going to know for sure is by doing it and see what happens.

I'm ready and willing to take the risk of spending money to make these various items and not sell much. But is my husband? That, my friends, is the big question.

Blessing to you this week!

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