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Week 33
~ I Think I'd Rather be in Labor

I don't know what happened, but come Friday morning I could not move! Adam had to help me get out of bed, which wasn't without severe pain and tears. By that evening, I was able to walk around and get up out of the chair without help, but it still was quite painful. I wasn't able to to lie down flat until Saturday night. I shouldn't have done it even then, for it put me back about half a day on Sunday. But today (Monday), I'm feeling better, although I'm not without pain or discomfort yet. I have a chiropractic appointment tomorrow, but I'm going to reschedule it for I'm not ready for someone to push on my back. A friend of mine lives with this kind of back pain every day, all day and I don't know how she does it! Seriously, I'd rather have the pain of labor then this back pain, for at least I know that labor is going to end!

I wasn't able to keep my OB appointment last week, so I'm going to see her this Wednesday. Since 33 weeks is an odd number, I won't start seeing her weekly until 37 weeks (assuming nothing is going on) and I'm fine with that. Considering my history, nothing has "started" until I'm in overtime anyway.

This baby is moving and grooving at will now. This is a relief, for around 20 weeks I was concerned that there wasn't enough movement going on. Well, s/he is making up for that now! In fact, when my back was so bad, every time this child moved, spasms went up and down my back. It was awful! I could control my own movement, but this child wasn't interested in listening to their mother!! Hmm, I wonder if that's a sign of what's to come!

MalachiI can't believe that's it's the end of June already! WOW!! Malachi's birthday is tomorrow and he's going to be 5 (attached is a picture of my one and only blued eyed birthday boy). How is that possible?! Wasn't he just born? I find it's interesting how different time goes by when you're comparing it to the growth of your children. Of course, time passes at the same rate no matter what or who, but it just seems faster with your children. This Saturday, our family will be helping my in-laws selling cotton candy, kettle corn, and popcorn for a fundraiser. We do this fundraiser every year to raise money for a children's camp later in July (and yes, I'll be a cook for that camp too). I'm praying that my back gets better with each day so that I can actually be of some help!

That's about it for me this week. Thank you for all of you who have e-mailed me with little notes about reading my journal and all. I really appreciate it!


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