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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 34 & 35
~ Whew!!

quiltI'm sorry for the delay in my journal. The reason for it is I've been extra busy making a quilt for my Grandma's 90th birthday. I had the bright idea to make her a memory quilt incorporating family pictures into it. This idea was back in April. Unfortunately, I didn't get all the pictures that I needed until last Saturday (July 2nd), which put me in a great bind to get it finished by July 6th. Since Sunday's are my usual day to send my journal in, it didn't happen because I was busy at church and trying to get it done. To accomplish my goal of getting it in the mail by Wednesday (my Grandma lives in Idaho), I chose to stay up until 4 am Tuesday, and then again until midnight the Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. By the time that I had mentally caught up from lack of sleep, it was almost time to send in my next journal post, so I've waited to do them both. Attached is a picture of the quilt that I did indeed get finished in time. My Mother received it Friday, just in time for my Grandma's surprise birthday party Saturday July 9th . Whew indeed!

I haven't mentioned anything here yet, but Nathaniel has completely regressed with him going potty in the toilet. It started in April (I think) with him having more and more accidents. Then I went on my trip to Virginia and it got even worse. When I got home, he was going through at least three pairs of pants a day. It was more than I could handle at that point, so put him in pullups. After awhile, it was back to diapers. Perhaps that wasn't the best thing to do for him, but he wasn't caring or trying to go to the toilet at all. But I'm at the point now that I'm willing to "re train" him and I'm changing my approach this time. The first time, it became a battle of wills and I'm embarrassed to admit it, but more times than not I lost my temper with the many, many accidents he had. Not this time, though. This week, we went to the dollar store and he picked out 2 bags of his favorite candy: 1 for the house and 1 for the diaper bag. When he successfully goes potty in the toilet, he gets a lot of praise and 1 piece of candy. But if he doesn't, and messes in his pants, he gets no candy. I will not get upset nor will I get angry (I'm hoping!), but I will matter-of-factly tell him he was not good to go potty in his undies and he does not get a piece of candy. I sure need this to work, for three in diapers does not excite me!

quiltSpeaking of diapers, we have decided not to continue with cloth diapers. What I mean is, we will not be replacing our 10 year old diapers for new ones once the baby is born. We just don't have the money right now to invest in them. We use MotherEase diapers and while they are the best on the market (in my opinion), they are also the most expensive. I went back to using them to try and save money, but in the long run it doesn't seem to be working. I'll still using the ones we have with Damaris, but not with the new baby. (I don't use them exclusively either. I use disposables at night and when we are away.)

It hard to believe that I'm next in line for a birth story! This summer is flying by, just as I had hoped it would. Now if the last few weeks will go by as quickly, I'll be just fine! I have about 5 - 7 weeks left, but it's probably going to be more around the 7 week range. I've been "late" with all the other ones, so I'm probably going to be late with this one. Although, because this pregnancy has been so different from the get go, I'm hoping that it will continue in that directions and the baby will come early. It seems to me like the baby has dropped quite a bit. Even Adam commented as such. I'm not putting any stock in it, it's just interesting for I don't remember any of the other ones dropping this early. Baby is head down, which is good!

My next appointment has the Group B Strep screening with it. I've been positive with the last four children, so we'll see if I am with this one. I've been taking an acidophilus regularly for the last year and I'm hoping that will have some effect on me being colonized with the GBS (for that is what I am). We'll see.

Blessing this week!

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