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Week 38
~ Sigh

My goodness has the last week been hard for me! As I stated in my last entry, I was the head cook for a children's Christian camp from Monday - Friday and it took more out of me than I was expecting it to. I knew it was going to be far more physical than I'm used to at this stage of pregnancy, but I didn't expect it to be so draining. Perhaps that was na´ve on my part. Either way, I am so tired and sore! I was done with the camp on Friday and on Saturday was our yearly community festival where we sell cheesecake bites all day. It was a slow day and we didn't make as much as previous years. Of course, it didn't help that we had to pack up two hours early because of a severe storm coming our way. We just barely got into the driveway when it started to rain. The winds were about 60 mph, which is no time to be under a tent! We were actually grateful for the storm, for that allowed us to come home early. Not to rest, mind you. Oh no! We had a function for 150 people to finish making food for and then deliver the food about 40 minutes away (a friend's church hired us to cater a "going away" party for their pastor. The friend knows that we don't work on Sunday, so we made all the food, yet didn't cook it, and delivered it to her church Saturday evening. She, along with others, finished everything off this morning (Sunday, July 31) and set up the buffet line.). Since we were in town anyway, we ate supper at Pizza Hut and it tasted so good!!

I have good news and (possibly) bad news. The good news is I have two or three wall quilts lined up to make, which should keep my mind and fingers busy. This is the point in the pregnancy that I get into a mental "funk" that is quite difficult to get out of. I am determined NOT to even get into it this time around. So I'm attempting to keep myself busy, aside from the occasional help I give my husband with food preparations, the 6 little people that run around here, the many tasks that come with having a family of 8, and gearing up for school once this baby is born and we are into a routine again. Nathaniel also has an appointment this Wednesday to see his neurologist, whom we see once a year, and her office is about 2 1/2 hours south of us. The day he was born, the cord got pinched and he suffered a stroke because of it. Due to the stroke, he has brain damage and was having seizures when he was born. He has been off the anti-seizure medication since he was six months old and while there is still evidence of brain damage when you look on a MRI scan, so far there are no tell tale symptoms of it.

The bad news is I think this baby flipped into a feet first position. I was woken up last Thursday night when I felt a huge movement. Since I was asleep, I don't know if it was an actual flip or just a large roll. I wouldn't be thinking anything of it, except that I believe I'm feeling kicks in the lower part of my abdomen instead of at the top. I'm praying that it's just my imagination and that the baby didn't flip. I don't know if there is anything that can be done at this point, other than an attempt at an outside manipulation. If that doesn't work, which is likely not to due to the lack of room in there, I'm looking at a c-section. I realize that there could be worse things, but who would be happy to go through major surgery? I've done the c-section route before and I don't want to do it again. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to try and heal from it while taking care of 7 children! Besides, if a c-section is done, my chances of a VBAC for any future children would be impossible. I see my doctor on Tuesday, August 2, so I'm praying that there will be good news and that this baby is still head down.

Other than that, I'm feeling large, uncomfortable, waddling to the bathroom way too often, and quite ready to meet this little person! I'm still praying that the birth will happen sooner than later. All of my other births were after the due date, but God can do anything (including flip a 38 week old baby back into position!)!

Blessings to all of you this week!

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