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Week 7
~ The year 2011...where did 2010 go?

DemarisThis week was a whirlwind of activity! It started on Monday when we received an early Christmas gift in the mail from my father and step-mom. They sent a check that paid for our new boiler plus some! With a little bit of the extra money sent, we were able to bid and win some items that we need for our business. The auction site in in Minneapolis, which is about 4 1/2 hours west of us, so we went there on Tuesday. We decided to stay overnight and then go to the Mall of America Wednesday morning, then leave for home Wednesday afternoon. It was all going good until we got into the pool. It wasn't a very expensive hotel and the pool side showed it. The pool was quite small, the max capacity was 12 people, the room wasn't very well heated, nor was the water. The hallways between said pool room and our room were not heated well either. It was cold. It was disappointing. It ended early. So we went back to our room, shivered until we got dressed in our warm jammies, ate some popcorn (from the Popcorn Factory. YUM!), and played some games.

Tuesday night came and Damaris was sick most of the night, so I obviously didn't get much sleep. Wednesday morning came and while Damaris was better, poor Adam was not. We went to the Mall anyway and visited the Lego store. The children had fun! I just wish Adam did too. He was finally feeling better by Christmas Day. I've added is a picture of Damaris and Nathaniel at the Lego store.

NathanielI found out, by accident, that I can eat gluten again. I have been on a gluten-free diet since February of this year because I discovered that gluten was giving me nasty headaches. It is not an easy way of eating, especially if you like bagels, pizza, pasta and the like. There are alternatives to these things, but they are expensive and not real close to the real thing. Anyway, I'm a very happy to be eating these things again. I have no idea why. But I'm not complaining! Damaris still is having problems with milk and wheat, so the milk is cut out completely and the wheat is very little. She is still nursing; she will be 14 months December 30, and this is the longest I have ever nursed a child. It only about two or three times a day, but she doesn't seem interested in stopping. And for the moment, neither do I.

This past week, I have been able to eat breakfast without having to take deep breaths (to keep myself from throwing up) for which I'm quite thankful. And the nausea seems to be subsiding some, although at night I still have some twinges of it. I am also getting full when I eat before my food is gone and I don't remember having this problem at seven weeks with the other children. But this is my seventh pregnancy (I have been pregnant eight times, but we lost the first one very early on), so who knows if that has something to do with it.

We are having our family Christmas party this Friday December 31, and I'm looking forward to it very much! We have 19 people in our family here in town (8 adults and 11 children) and we always have fun when we get together! It is my husband's side of the family, for the closest relatives of mine lives 18 hours away. I haven't been awake past 10 o'clock for a long time on New Year's Eve, so this will be interesting. I wonder if I'll be able to stay awake? I suppose with about 23 people who will be there, I won't get the chance to fall asleep!

As we approach another year, may we look back on the ending one and take with us the lessons we learned. I pray that the Lord draws us all closer to Him during this upcoming year, for a relationship with Him is our only source of survival. And it makes this life worth it!


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