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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ The New Year

On Monday (January 3) Adam starts the county job. It's going to be really weird. He's going to be in the commercial kitchen working, but he's still going to be home. And he should be done delivering the food until 11 AM or so. But it's going to be wonderful having him home. We'll have to work out how it is going to work with how much we talk with him, bother him, and see him while he's working in there. He has to have all the food done, about 80 meals a day to three different sites, by 9:45 AM to the first site. He'll be doing as much of the work the day before as he can, so that there is not too much to do the morning of the meal.

I am also looking forward to not having to cook lunch. Yeah!! We've decided that as long as he's cooking food that morning, he might as well cook enough for our family for lunch. And that will be so nice! To get lunch finished at a good time, I need to start things at about 11 AM, but we are still doing school at that time and it's not always easy to do both. Now I don't have to! And since Adam will be delivering food four days a week, each day he will take one of the four older children with him. It will be a good way for each child to spend time with Adam, something that doesn't happen often. Monday's will only be about 15 minutes, so Malachi will probably go with him that day. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he'll be gone for about an hour, so Maacah, Grace, and Isaac will go with him those days (one child each day). That's the idea, anyway. We'll see how it really works.

Nathaniel will be 3 on Tuesday, January 4. It is so hard to get used to each new birthday! They grow up so fast, it about takes my breath away! We celebrated our family Christmas party New Year's Eve, and since we have three January birthdays, we decided to celebrate the birthday that night as well. He'll still get his birthday meal on Tuesday as well as little things, so the day is still special for him. He's still not potty trained, but I'm working on it. I'll admit, that my pride has taken a beating over this. All the other ones were done, both day and night, by age 3. Not him. Sigh and it's not because I haven't tried! He's just so stubborn that he wants to wear "big boy undies" and not diapers anymore, but when we tell him to go to the bathroom (with us or the older girls) and try and go potty, he won't do it. And so he ends up messing his undies over and over and over again, for days. And. He. Doesn't. Care. So I've thrown up my hands in despair and put him back in diapers. I really think it's a power thing with him, instead of an understanding thing. But, I'll try it again. We'll see. I know he will be trained one day and I'm aiming for it to be before August!

One day I think that the nausea has decreased, then I wake up the next day and rethink that idea! But I suppose all this nausea shows that things are good and all, so I'm not complaining. Much. Eight weeks. 2 months already. I know this pregnancy is just going to fly! Although there are days where it seems to creep, but I think that's the day itself. It would creep whether I was pregnant or not. I can't say I'm bored, though. With six VERY active children in the house, there's no chance of it! There are days where it's nigh impossible for me to go to the bathroom without someone knocking "Mama? Are you in there?" "Are you done yet?", "Mama! ______ did _______to me . . .!" It is all worth it, though. I love every one of my children and I thank the Lord for them daily. I really do. They have taught me so much! Things that I couldn't have learned any other way. And I know that this baby will be as much of a joy to me as they are! Although the screaming and fighting I really could do without . . .

Two months down, eight to go!!

Have a wonderful week! Blessings!


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