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Week 15 - October 5 - 12, 2014
- Cold cold GO AWAY!!

The virus, that is, not the temperature. I figured out that I have had one cold or another for the past 6 weeks. Ugh! Aside from the hacking, the sore throat, and the blowing-of-the-nose, my week was finally a good one overall. I still didn't have a ton of energy, but I successfully managed to get several things done. And that sure makes things easier.

Baby's heart was nice and strong! I'm measuring just as I should at 15 weeks and my next scheduled time to see Dr. B will be in 6 weeks, when we do the organ scan. Adam is absolutely sure that we are having a girl, so he sees no reason to look for the gender. Or even think of a boy's name. Talk about confidence! I must say, though, that he has been correct 7 out of 8 times, so I suppose he has good reasons to be.

I'm still struggling with what I can eat and what I can't. I have what's called fructose malabsorption. It's a fancy name for people who can't eat foods that are high in fructose/fructans (foods like apples, watermelon, stone fruits, avocado, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, wheat, etc. You know, the good stuff.) and lactose (dairy products). These "no no" foods cause many different problems within me, things like IBS, fibromyalgia, headaches, mouth and nose sores, etc. In other words, it's quite worth it to me to avoid those foods! Plus, I'm hypoglycemic (constant low blood sugar) and for whatever reason, I'm really fighting my blood sugar like crazy. As long as I eat regularly, well balance meals I'm okay for the most part.

I mentioned that we were scheduled to tour a house on Wednesday, which we did. If the shop had water and sewer already hooked up to it, then we would be making an offer on it right now. As it is, though, the septic tank would have to be replaced with a larger one (according the "the specs", it's not even large enough for our family size) and we might have to dig another well just for the shop's use. Either way, there just isn't enough time before the snow flies to do all that digging work. So we are going to wait until spring (March or April) to make an offer. The realtor and owner know this, for we have been very honest about things with them and they know that we do, indeed, want the property, and hopefully the property doesn't sell before that. Plus, this just gives us some more time to save more money, seeing that we will have the added expense of a septic/well upgrade. My mother asked "can you really save that much over the winter (for winter is historically our slow time)?" My response? "If God can speak this world into existence, then He can certainly send us an unusually high amount of business over the winter. Nothing is impossible with Him. This is in His hands, not ours, and if He is desiring us to move, then He knows all that needs to be saved and do to accomplish it. I'm not worried." In my heart, I really believe that this is the right direction for us (of course, I reserve the right to be wrong. ).

For now, we are waiting, saving what we can, and praying for the right result in the end, whatever those results may be.

That's all for me. You all have a good week and I'll type at you later!

~ Jennifer

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