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Weeks 18: October 27 - November 4, 2014
- It Just Doesn't Add Up

So I'm going to do something "wacky" and talk mostly about my pregnancy. I know, it's a weird thing to do for a pregnancy journal, but I can be wild like that.

There have been things from the very beginning that are just . . . out of place. Now I know that every pregnancy is different, for I've had eight of them and none of them have been the same. Similar, but not the same. However, this one takes the cake. Seriously, from the get go it has been one-of-a-kind.

Let me explain.

Some time in July, I walked into my husband's kitchen while he was cooking meat. I just about threw up because of the smell. He's a good cook, don't get me wrong. I just couldn't handle the smell of the cooking meat. I mentioned that and he immediately said, "You're pregnant. And it's a girl." He has reasons to say this, for I have a very sensitive sense of smell while I'm pregnant and it's at a greater scale when it's a girl. Once he was able to convince me, I got a blood test and I am indeed pregnant. It was at the same time that "morning sickness" started in earnest. I've had it before, but nothing compared to this time. I never did get physically sick, but I sure wanted to! And the exhaustion was incredible. Yes, I'm a busy mama, but still . . . this was ridiculous! By noon, I just had to take a nap, for my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer. And this was every day! Then, to top things off, a baby bump showed up. Now please understand, I am a tall woman but not skinny. I'm a little on the fat side of life, so baby bumps don't just "show up" with women like me. They take time to emerge.

All of this was between the positive blood test and the ultrasound. By the time that date arrived, I'm really thinking that I'm about 10 - 12 weeks along. I hadn't had any cycle since I was 6 weeks postpartum with Samuel, so I had no idea how far along I was. Going on the many different symptoms that I was already having, I thought I was a good amount along.

I was wrong.

I was only 6 weeks along at the ultrasound. What?! Only 6 weeks? Are you sure?? . . . Yep, I even had to hold my breath so the tech could get the heart beat. That means that I was barely three weeks along when I had the blood test. Only three weeks! I have never, ever had any pregnancy symptoms start that early, let alone the ones I was experiencing. It just doesn't add up.

So I'm at the 8 weeks mark and my nausea, coupled with the exhaustion, is not getting better. It's getting worse. And now I have a cold, one that would stay with me for many more weeks. I'm eating healthy (I have a unique metabolic condition, so eating healthy is much different than it is for most people), so I know my cold is not due to that. I'm miserable and there's nothing I can do about it.

The baby bump is getting bigger, making it very obvious to everyone that I'm pregnant. My varicose veins have reared their ugly, painful heads and making it hurt to walk. These are things I have suffered before, but never this early. Oh goodie. And my appetite is decreasing, for I'm finding I'm getting full sooner and not able to eat as much as I used to. To anyone who has been pregnant before knows that this is part of things, but certainly not in the first trimester! It just doesn't add up.

Now I'm at the 12 week mile stone, ending the first trimester and starting the second. Thankfully, the nausea is almost gone and my cold is starting to disappear. Thank you Lord! Physically, I look like I'm closer to 20 weeks than 12. My varicose veins are really bulging and I've lost a total of 18 pounds. And yet my bra is fitting kind-a tightly around my rib cage, leaving a red mark at night. These aren't new, for I've worn them since I was 4 months along with Samuel, so they are nice and comfy, being perfectly stretched out. So there is no reason that they should be fitting a bit tight around my rib cage. And certainly not at 12 weeks.

I am hypoglycemic, which means that my blood sugar is always low. This is something that I have had to deal with since I was in high school, so I'm accustomed to controlling it with my diet. It is something that has always been present in each of my pregnancies. But I have never had to fight it like I am with this one. No matter what I eat, I can't keep it up. I know what to eat and when, so I'm not a novice at this. It just doesn't add up.

So here I am at this moment, at 18 weeks. I look like I'm 6 months along. Remember, I'm a tall fat lady. Tall fat ladies don't look 6 months pregnant until they're 6 months along. And sometimes, not even then. (When I was 6 months pregnant with my first child, I didn't even look pregnant, let alone 6 months along!) I have always carried my babies more in the middle and have never had one of those basketball-in-your-shirt kind of bellies. I still don't, but it's real close. The varicose veins are seriously a problem now, just rubbing against my other leg as I walk is painful. My appetite hasn't returned and I have lost 25 pounds (losing weight is very normal for me, but not this much).

I'm not as exhausted as I was, but that "2nd trimester energy boost" has yet to make an appearance. Of course, being only 18 weeks, there is still time for it to join this party. I just hope it's not too tardy. You know that feeling you get in your groin area at the latter end of pregnancy, where the baby is pushing a spot within your pelvic bone and it hurts? Especially when you walk? I've been experiencing that sensation for about a week now. At 38 weeks, that feeling makes sense. But 18 weeks? It just doesn't add up.

So, your guess is as good as mine. I know what some of you many be thinking: Jennifer, you're having twins. I have had some people approach me to tell me that, that they think I am indeed pregnant with twins. The thought has occurred to me, but then I go back to my 6 week ultrasound. There was only one baby on the screen. Yes, I know that it's possible for a second baby to not be seen when they are so small, but . . . I don't know. Twins don't run in my family, yet I'm in the age time frame when they say twins are more likely to happen than when you're younger. And I never did have a cycle, so I suppose it's possible that ovulation was a bit different this time. My husband says I'm overreacting and that I say that "this pregnancy is so different from the last one" each time. Perhaps I do. But I really mean it this time.

Am I overreacting? Am I reacting at all or just stating facts? I don't know. Either way, I have my 21 week ultrasound on the 19th and we'll see then. Most likely, it's not twins and I'm just "old mother Hubbard" (minus the shoe and whipping ones children. )

That's about it for me this week. You all keep warm (we are due to have 3 - 6 inches this Friday. Yay!!!) and I'll type at you later.

~ Jennifer

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