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Weeks 21 - 23: November 17 - December 8, 2014
- Whatsyourname

My apologies for being absent for the past 3 weeks. Every night, I reminded myself to write the next day, yet the next night would find me promising the same thing. I hate that cycle . . .

Anyway, we had a very nice Thanksgiving with my mother. It was just us and her, so it was a nice a quiet affair. Well, as quiet as a gathering of 11 people, 8 of whom are 14 and younger, can be. The Saturday afterwards, we gathered at Adam's parents' house for his side of the families' meal (even though it's his side, my mother comes too). For the past 6 or 7 years, we have been having that Thanksgiving supper on Saturday instead of on the actual Thanksgiving day. Both of my SIL's are from here, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to have 2 or 3 different Thanksgiving meals in the same day. Not to mention painful after eating all that food twice! My youngest SIL goes Black Friday shopping with her mother and sister, so that left Saturday open. It actually works out really well this way, for we all (22 of us) get along great and love to hang out with each other to play games and just be goofy. So we gather around 1pm, eat, then play games the rest of the day. It's something we all look forward to! We usually have it here, but I wasn't up to it this year, so we had it at my in-laws' instead. I was so glad I made that decision!

My birthday was on Black Friday this year. It was my 35th birthday. I'm not sure why the thought of that is any different than 34, but it is. At least in my head. Do you think of yourself as younger then you are? I do. Maybe that's why the thought of 5 years away from 40 are a bit of a shock. I'm not worried about growing older, for it's a part of life. Hey, I'm proud that I've lived this long! I don't have a problem telling people how old I am, either (obviously). I think it's also the reality of how fast time is moving. Here I am, smack dab in the middle of my 30's (which really, in the scheme of things, isn't old at all), expecting my 9th child, and I find myself looking around and wondering "when did I get here? Where did all the time before this go? And where was I?" and, most importantly, "when did my eldest child get to be as tall as me?! Wasn't she just a toddler yesterday?". I suppose everyone has these kinds of thoughts, it's just . . . kind a weird to find myself in this place.

It was a nice time to have my birthday on Black Friday, for I was able to purchase some items that I've been wanting for some time at really good prices. There's nothing like giving yourself a birthday present! Although I did receive something even better, the best present I've ever gotten actually: I got to see our baby!! Yep, I had an ultrasound on my birthday. Everything looks good and healthy, although the little turkey wouldn't move much so the tech wasn't able to get a good view of the spine or kidneys. That just means that we'll have to go back later for another look. Oh darn!

Now comes the hard part though. Picking a name. We never intended to have a pattern for naming our children, but it kind-a happened anyway. The first name is a Biblical name, while the middle name is a family name, alternating between my family and Adam's family. It's Adam's side for this child. That's not the difficulty, though, it's the choosing of the first name that's so hard. You see, Adam hates nicknames and tries to steer clear of names that can be shortened to nicknames (or at least are commonly done so). The only reason he agreed to Samuel (4 hours before he was born) was because he couldn't think of anything better. So coming up with a name that we both like, that can't be easily made into nickname, is going to take the rest of the pregnancy for sure.

So for now, the baby is Mr. No Name. 6 boys. Oi!!

~ Jennifer

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