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Jennifer's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Jennifer's pregnancy journal.

Jennifer (34) is a full-time working mom of four daughters: Tiara (14), Jalen (12), Cheyanne (11) and Cianna (8). Jennifer and her husband Cal have been married 12 years. After Cal's cancer treatment, they were very excited to be expecting a new baby. Their fifth daughter, Aryanna Janae, was born at 36 weeks on November 19, 2012 via c-section, weighing 5 lbs 15 oz. After 12 days in NICU, she went home a healthy and happy baby.

Join Jennifer as she takes us through her pregnancy week by week.


Jennifer's Journal Entries

Meet Jennifer

Week 7
Saying Goodbye

Week 8
Houston We Have a Heartbeat

Week 9
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Week 10
Feeling Good but Failing Tests

Week 11
This Again?

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14
Gender . . .

Week 15
I Want Movement

Week 16
A Little Something

Week 17

Week 18
Almost 1/2 Way There

Week 19
Still a Girl!!

Week 20
Tough Decisions

Week 21
I Know I Can

Week 22

Week 23
More of the Same

Week 24
Darn Cramping

Week 25
We Need Light

Week 26
Slowing Down

Week 27
Saying Goodbye

Week 28
Baby Shower #1

Week 29
Shopping and Basketball

Week 30
I Want to Work...

Week 31
Work Shower

Week 32

Week 33
Cancer It Is . . .

Week 34
Glimmer of Hope

Birth Story
Meet Aryanna Janae

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