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Birth Story!
~ Meet Aryanna Janae

AryannaWeek 35 started off just like every other week, feeling extremely pregnant. I was scheduled to be in training for the week due to a new system we are in the midst of implementing and I was feeling extremely stressed because I wanted to get all the pieces in place for the director replacing me while I was on Maternity Leave. I planned on my last day beIng the day before Thankgiving. Wednesday came along and the morning just sucked, the kids did everything imaginable to irritate me, a fellow Supervisor called in sick leaving me in the training pretty much alone, my Director was out because her sister had just given birth, and it just seemed everything was bothersome.

I left Wednesday to go with Cal to the Oncologist; we didn't really hear good or bad news just pretty much that we were waiting to see what happens....

AryannaFrom there I decided to go and do my stress test. I was suppose to go twice a week. I called Monday but nobody called me back. I called Tuesday but nobody called me back . . . so Wednesday I just showed up with Cal of course. Being I work at the hospital I was shocked at the lack of communication, something I will address when I return to work. Once I finally got hooked up to the monitors and settled in, it took maybe 10 minutes before the nurse said I think you need to call and tell whoever that you are not coming back today; it is your last day. My blood pressure at that time was 186/94. They monitored my blood pressure for close to two hours and it was not budging so they decided to admit me for observation. By the end of the night the doctor came in and said some of my blood levels were low and since my BP was high and I had a headache they were moving forward with induction. She said she notified the NICU so they would be on stand by whenever I gave birth.

AryannaBefore you know it an IV was started and I was getting Magnesium and Antibiotics, they also started the cervadil. Cal was panicked because while for the most part we were ready, we all the sudden felt completely unprepared. When they started the induction I was at 1 cm, by the morning I was at 2 when they started the Pitocin. Once the Pitocin started I did start having contractions but not the type they wanted to see. They had it on the highest dose possible and no such luck. At one point the doctor tried to break my water but they had to stop because the pain was ridiculous, so they decided they would wait until after I got an epidural. By the time Thursday night came my water broke on its own. That had never happened to me before and I must say it was the weirdest feeling ever. I started having more frequent contractions and was exhausted so decided to get my epidural. Best epidural experience ever, I had absolutely no pain when they did it and who knew--you now control it yourself--how awesome is that.

By Friday morning and night I was at 3 cm. Because my water had broken close to 24 hours earlier the doctor had said we were going to move forward with a c-section. She said there was one before me but then we were going. I, of course, was devastated and scared to death because I had never had one before. The doctor came back in and checked me one last time and said, "Well you are now a 4. Let's see if you make any progress."

aryannaCome Saturday morning, 36 hours after my water had broken the baby started having heart decelerations so before you know it I was being rushed for a c-section. I did not even have time to think about anything nor do I think I could have; I was beyond exhausted. It was such a surreal experience, I felt quite a bit of pain during the procedure so they finally gave me a large dose of morphine which made pretty much everything oblivious. They told Cal to stand up as the baby was taken out and all I can remember is not hearing her cry. In the distance I could hear the Neonatologist saying come on baby and he repeated it a few times because from what Cal says she was limp. They finally got her breathing but she never cried. I got to see her for a minute then she was whisked away to the NICU.

Next thing I know I am waking up in recovery with Cal standing above me. He told me Aryanna was doing better; because they had let me go 36 hours once my water had broken she had contracted an infection from the placenta and was going to need to be put on antibiotics. I felt so helpless because there was nothing I could do to help her let alone muster the strength to go and see her. After my c-section I developed some problems and ended up having diarrhea for the first 24 hours. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It was a rough few days but I survived and finally went home the day before Thanksgiving. I ended up with an infection on my c-section wound so have been leaking fluid from my incision for two weeks now.

AryannaAryanna remained in the NICU for 12 long days. While she was in the NICU, going back and forth was a nightmare but well worth it. Once she finished the antibiotics and was eating right she got to come home. We did not tell the girls when she was coming home so they were all shocked when they got home from school and she was here. We are all adjusting now and trying to heal.

Aryanna is absolutely perfect and we feel very blessed. We have a long road ahead of us with Cal but I think she is all the more reason to keep us both going. Although my birth did not go nearly as smooth as one might hope I am so thankful to be healthy and blessed with a wonderful husband and 5 beautiful daughters.

Thanks to everyone that has followed my journal and included my family in your prayers and I apologize for the delay in my entry I wanted to wait until Aryanna was home before submitting it.

WELCOME . . . Aryanna Janae . . . 5lbs 15oz. 18.5 inches . . . November 19, 2011, 2:34 am


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